Things are moving quickly now

These last few months have seemed to drag slowly as we have prepared to send Kyle on his mission.  He is anxious to get out in the field and though we will miss him terribly, we too have been waiting with anticipation for the day Kyle will enter the MTC.  We have received emails from the Church telling us the schedule for dropping Kyle off at the MTC and they make it clear, once he enters the gates of the MTC, he is on his mission.  We will need to be quick on the drop off.  No lingering good-byes.  All of a sudden everything seems to be moving so much more quickly now.

We have had family pictures taken and we have had missionary pictures taken.  I am including a bit of both.

We had our pictures taken by Lindsay Hagblom up at Memory Grove.  We had the studio pictures taken at a local Target.

Stay tuned, I will soon be posting information on sending mail, emails and packages to Kyle while he is in the MTC.

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