Answers to questions

Kyle sent a separate written letter to the family.  In it he answered some of the questions we had asked previously.  Here are some of the answers.

“You asked if I had developed strong relationships with teachers and other people in my district and that is yes.  I am great friends with everyone in my district.”

While playing basketball Kyle and Elder King had collided.  There was concern Elder King may have torn his MCL in his knee.  Nobody wants to be injured and possibly delay getting into the mission field.

“Elder King’s knee was fine, he had to wear a brace for a while and couldn’t play sports but now he can so it’s all good.”

Hermana Sandorf had injured her back.  Kyle and Elder Kimball were able to give her a blessing.  We had wondered how everything turned out.

“Hermana Sandorf is all healthy also.  The trainers said that it healed really fast, that’s the work of the priesthood right there.”

On being district leader.

“Being district leader is getting better.  I have to make sure we are all speaking as much spanish as possible.  We have this game where you have a rock and if the person with the rock hears someone speak english they pass it to them, so we are speaking a lot of spanish.  I have learned everything there is to know (grammar wise) in spanish so I could say anything I want if I know the vocab.”

Kyle then goes on to ask…

“As for my sleeping bag… I still have no idea how I am going to get it to Argentina.  Any ideas?”

Finally he says…

“P.S. Tell Debbie thanks for the cheese balls, everyone loves them.”

The picture shows what happens after nearly two months in the MTC.

Elder Hudgins, Elder Kimball and Elder Snelson.

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  1. How did you get your sleeping bag to Argentina? My son leaves in March for the MTC, then on to Argentina, and the sleeping bag issue is a bit of a quandary. Why is it that you sleep in that for 2 years?

    • We had the same questions what with the limited amount of space our son, Elder Hudgins had in his bags to carry a sleeping bag. When we mentioned it to our stake president he also thought it unusual. He ended up calling the mission president who simply stated, it was how they did it in the mission and that nights were often cold. The Neuquén mission is the largest mission in the world geographically speaking and they often do end up sleeping at other missionary’s apartments when they attend different meetings. I’m sure it does make bedding in other apartments a bit easier taking a sleeping bag as they travel. Somehow our son managed to pack everything into his bags though he did end up paying the additional $75 for one suitcase being overweight. If you see yourself as going over the weight limit, do all you can to overload a single bag rather than distribute it across multiple pieces of luggage. It’s not the total weight over that you pay, it’s the number of suitcases over the limit.

      • Great advice. Thanks. We managed to find a down sleeping bag that weighs less than 4 pounds, and packs pretty small. We hope that will work, with a fleece liner…

        • Well all the best wishes for you and your family as you prepare to send a son out on a mission. We have been awesomely blessed by our son’s service and experiences over this last year and we have seen wonderful growth on his part. Feel free to contact me at jhudgins at yawhois dot com if you have any questions you would feel more comfortable to ask by email.

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