Skype call with Kyle

We finally were able to do a Skype video conference call with Kyle.  We had thought that call would be this coming Monday.  I woke up Tuesday morning to an email from Kyle stating that his mission president, Presidente Peterson told him to try and set it up for that morning 8:30am since he had meetings in Esquel (pronounced Eskel) that ended at that time.  Esquel is the town about 30 minutes away from Trevelin that have computers Kyle can use for Skype calls.  We hurriedly made calls to grandparents to see who we could gather together.  Wendy’s parents were able but sadly, Mom and George were not.

I connected everything to our TV for the big effect and we all waited for that call to come.  It was kind of neat having Skype open and being able to see Kyle log in before the call.  Everyone quickly gathered around the TV and seconds later, this is what we got.  🙂

We had a wonderful talk with our Elder Hudgins.  He has a full on farmer’s tan.  He said his feet were shredded the first few weeks because he was not used to the walking.  The people of Trevelin are very friendly though not necessarily interested in hearing about the Gospel.  The weather goes to the extremes being very hot one day and the next it is snowing in the mountains.  I found out I have been pronouncing Trevelin incorrectly.  It is pronounced “Tray-vay-lean” with a emphasis on the second syllable. He shared with us his appointment book for the day and it looked like he was in the middle of a busy day, appointments every hour.  All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas call with Kyle.

If I get some time, I will put together a quick video of the call highlights as I recorded the full call which I will add to this post. (jh)

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