February 13, 2012

From: Kyle Hudgins <kyle.hudgins@myldsmail.net>
Subject: (No Subject)
Date: February 13, 2012 8:00:47 AM MST

Hey how is everyone doing this week? Thats awesome news that ad finally got a job. I was praying extra hard this week and its really is sweet to see Heavenly Father answer all the prayers. This week for me has been another tough one but we made a couple break throughs that really are getting me excited for the future here in Trevelin. On Wednesday I did divisions with the district leader Elder White. He is a really bold missionary and when he is in a lesson he has that goal and will do whatever it takes to get it. He came here to Trevelin so I thought it was a really good opportunity to take advantage of the situation. We went to a lot of our investigators that day trying to put some baptismal fechas. Well, our first two lessons where really spiritual I thought but the investigators still would not accept the invition. It was a little frustrating but we felt we did all we could do. Finally in the evening we went to Zulma, a less active member, to help her son with his english homework. After he had finished helping we taught him a little bit about baptism. He has told his mom that that is somthing that he wants to do so we gave him the challenge to prepare himself for March 3rd and he accepted. It was awesome. His mom pretty much taught the lesson. She knows so much and she really needs to be going to church. I really hope that this will help her in her reactivation process.

We also had a really awesome experience, this week while contacting a reference we recieved last week. I can´t remember the last name but the last name is Marchan. We went to his house in the afternoon and he wasn´t there, but right as we were about to leave he pulled up in his car in his driveway. The first thing he said was that he wasn´t interested, and that he had just returned from the cemetary where he went to his wife´s grave who died recently. He was saying that he doesn´t want anything to do with us because he was mad that God would take away his wife. He said that he was just so lost right now and doesn´t know what to do. We told him that this is the reason we where at his house at that very moment. He still resisted and didn´t want to talk. But we were presistant with him and said that this is the help and direction God has sent and that there is a reason that we were at his house at that very moment. He still was resistant. But we asked him one last time if he wanted to talk to us and he said no and then in mid sencence he just stopped talking and started to cry and then said alright one day i will talk to you guys. So sometime this week we are going to go over there and drop off a talk for him to read that i just read this morning by Elder Worthlin called “Sunday will Come” its awesome. I´m so greatfull that we were put in his path to help him at that very moment. I really hope and pray that he will accept us when we come by his house.

Another sweet thing was that we put 2 other baptismal feches this week with the familia Uribe. I think I have talked about them before and how the dad lost his job recently and has to go work in the fields now. We put a goal with him and his 9 year old daughter to be baptized on the 3rd of March. They said that they would go to church on Sunday but they didin´t show up which was dissapointing, but i hope we can get them progressing and coming to church next week.

Things with David took a little bump this week. We went by his house and the door was open and everything and we could see some beer bottles in the house. One of his friends answered the door and we asked for David and he then looked behind the door and says hey the mormons are here and then you can here someone say oh tell them im not here. So that was really a bummer. That was something that really hurt. Its hard to see someone you help change their life and then make a mistake. We haven´t been able to find him since then but I hope we can really soon. We go by his house every day looking for him because we really want to help him and he know how happy he can be. I know he can still make this change in his life. We just have to keep praying for him so we can find him and help him out.

Thank you for all the support from home. I haven´t recieved the package yet. It will most likely be either next week or the next. Oh yeah i totally forgot. This week we are going to Trelew for a conference where Elder Foster from the second quorum of the seventy is going to be there. I hear that authorities usually drop cane at these conferences. I just hope he doesn´t do it on me. Its going to be fun because i will get to see Elder Kimball again and Elder Clark has some converts that we are going to go visit. I´m excited and I´m sure that i will learn a lot.

I hope you all have a wonderfull week!

Les amo,
Elder Kyle Hudgins

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