Conference Week

From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Subject: Conference Week
Date: April 2, 2012 12:56:38 PM MDT

Well this week was a pretty good one and it was awesome to cap it off with conference!

We were able to go to Esquel this weekend and watch the conference through satellite. They also had it playing in English so I was able to watch it all in the chapel with all the other missionaries in the district. It was fun. I really liked a lot of the talks but my favorite would have to be Elder Holland´s talk in i think it was Saturday afternoon. I especially loved how he ended it. Él re bajó la cañe but as always with so much love. “If you have made covenants, keep them; if you haven´t made convenants, then make them; if you have broken covenants, repent and repair them.” and “Don´t delay, it´s getting late.” where my two favorite quotes from his talk. I really liked it because there are many less actives that have made all these covenants and they are not keeping them right now. It is so important that we keep our end of the deal when we make those covenents because then God can´t keep his end of the deal. I also really like Uchtdorf´s talk on Sunday morning about judging others. I thought it was really good for all the members here in Argentina. There is a huge problem with gossip, especially in Trevelin because its so small. People get offended and then never want anything to do with the church. I also don´t think it was a coincidence that his tie was the same colors as the Argentine flag haha.

Well we also got permission to watch the priesthood session at 9 from president but I really did not get much out of it because in the middle of it we got conference calls and some really crazy things happened in our district. Elder White has only been here for 2 transfers and he is leaving to go open an area in General Roca. The weird thing is that he only has one transfer left on his mission. He was really surprised when that call came. He thought for sure he was finishing here. Also Elder Prusse is getting transfered within the zone which hardly ever happens to Bariloche. And then Elder Clark sadly is being transfered to the Neuquen 2 zone as a zone leader. I was pretty sure he was leaving so it wasn´t too much of a suprise. But that now make 6 of the last 7 missionaries that have been in Trevelin have gone up to zone leaders sometime in their mission. Maybe a foreshadow of things to come? haha But really its not going to be fun to see Elder Clark leave. We have become great friends and have gotten along awesomely. But I´m still excited. My new companion´s name is Elder Stoke. Elder Clark met him once in Comodoro and he says that he is a way cool guy so thats good to hear.

Things are still going pretty good with our investigators. Cristina is still progressing but right now she can´t go to church because of the guy she is living with. So once she gets some money from her job she is planning on moving out. We went by her today so Elder Clark could say bye and she was really sad. She really believes that we have saved her and she really has a testimony. She is awesome and i´m sure she will be baptized in the coming weeks. Another awesome thing that has happened is that one of our references that we called in to the front office is getting baptized. The reference was a sister of Hermana Delfina in our branch. She lives in Trelew and now she is getting baptized. Delfina had us over for lunch this week and broke down when she told us her sister was getting baptized. She was so happy that we helped bring the gospel in her life by calling in the reference. It really gave me that good feeling. I was so happy to be able to help someone come into the gospel although is was a little indirectly.

Well thats about all I have for this week. I´ll send some pictures next week with Elder Clark and I and also with my new comp. We´ll see how it goes this week because it is my area, even though im jr comp i have to take a little charge in showing him around and helping him get to know the members and investigators.

I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!

Les amo,
Elder Kyle Hudgins

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