Hello everyone!

From: Kyle Hudgins <kyle.hudgins@myldsmail.net>
Subject: Hello everyone!
Date: April 23, 2012 10:31:17 AM MDT

Thank you all for the emails this week. I always look forward to seeing how each of you are doing. Looks like Tyler had a nice birthday filled with work and studies and nasty mustaches but thats allright!

Anyway this week wasn´t too bad. We were able to have a good lesson with Cristina this past Monday. It was put together at the very last moment with great thanks to Hermana Margarita who was able to talk to Cristina invite her to have a lesson in her house. So that was really awesome. We taught about the restoration and about the Book of Mormon especially. She says that she has always read the Bible and recently has been loving reading the Book of Mormon. So that is sweet. But unfortunately we were not able to meet with again this past week. So hopefully this coming week we will be ablt to get some things rolling and help her attend church so she can be baptized in the coming weeks.

This week I was able to go on divisions with Elder Calvache, our new district leader. It was a good experience. He was also companions with Elder Clark too. We were knocking some doors and talking to some people. We weren´t having much success and everyone we talked too was not willing to listen to us. Afterward he told me “man I have not seen a harder hearted people for a long time!” We just laughed about it and kept going. We were able to get a couple people to agree for us to meet with them so hopefully that will turn out some new investigators. It was also fun to talk in costellano with him too. I always surprise myself with the language and i think that there in no way I could learn a language like this in 6 months by myself.

Elder Stokes had an interesting contact just yesterday. His name was Jorge and he was just cutting some wood in his front yard. I offered if we could help him he said no but we started conversing and stuff. He was a really nice guy. We asked him if we could come by and share our message with him. But he said that he had to get permission from his pastor. In his religion they have to ask their pastor if they can talk to missionaries from other churches. Elder Stokes then shared with him James 1:5 about how we should ask God. He said he would. I pray that he will and that he will recieve his answer and talk with us.

Well this week we get to go up to Bariloche for Zone conference. Thats pretty exciting. I´ll take some pictures. I hope you all have a wonderfull week full of exciting things to share with me next week!

Les amo,
Elder Kyle Hudgins

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