From: Kyle Hudgins
Subject: Hello
Date: 8 Apr 2013 08:15:32 AM MDT

Hey everyone back at home. I hope everyone had a good conference weekend. We had a good time with a little miracles here and there as well.

So the conference was awesome. Confernce seems to have so much more meaning in the mission. Unfortunately I wasn´t able to see the priesthood session. But we downloaded the audio and we will listen to it in out pension later. Too bad I wont be able to see Spencer though. That would be awesome to be in the choir there. Too bad I can´t sing. This time I watched it all in spanish, which to be honest isn´t as enjoyable and a lot more tiring but it was still nice to hear all the words spoken. I really liked Elder Cooks talk about peace. But also that made saturday conference great was because we had a surprise investigator come. His name is José. We found him in the area book and went and contacted him earlyer in the week. We we talked to him, he wasn´t interested at all and said he wouldn´t be willing to pray about our message. But we invited him as well to the confernece. When he arrived Elder Lundskog and I were shocked and super happy. He loved the first session so much that he stayed in the chapel during the break and stayed for the last session. It was awesome. Unfortunately he left before we could talk to him. But Elder Nelson´s talk about the restoration was a great talk just for José. So hopefully we can find him this week and talk to him about how he felt or if he has any questions. Hopefully the spirit touched he heart and he will have desires to listen.

So this week was pretty crazy because we barely had any time to work in our own area. On Wednesday we were in Neuquen and on friday we were in Cutral Co and the we had General conference and that made it a little hard to help our investigators to keep comittments. The week we were working really hard to Yanet and Nestor would go to the conference. But something came up and they didn´t go so that was a little frustrating. But we did have a good lesson with her and she said that she knew the Book of Mormon was true. So thats awesome. We also hear of a possiblitly of a new law that says the anybody over the age of 18 and get married without the permission of the parents. So we will have to look more in to that and that really could be a huge blessing for us. Lets hope that it is true.

Well I love you all and hope that you all have a wonderfull week.

Elder Kyle Hudgins

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