From: Kyle Hudgins
Subject: Hey!
Date: 6 May 2013 08:16:16 AM MDT

Hello my dear family and friends. Well this was sure a fun week and we had a lot of really cool things happen as well. Things are looking really awesome for the whole zapala zone.

so I´ll start off with Yanet. So las week she was struggling a little bit and wasn´t too excited about her baptism. Nestor was really diligent though and wanted to really help her out. So on Friday we planned to teach them in the house of the bishop here in Avellaneda. We had a really awesome lesson with him and his wife and we went buy Nestor a Yanet on saturday and she said that she was really excited to go to church the next day. So on sunday they both came and had a good time. So we should be have her baptism this coming saturday which will be awesome. It made me realize even more the importance of the members in the work. Everybody is excpecting this missionaries to follow Jesus Christ but when a normal person tells you to do it it sure means a lot more.

So this week we were able to find another family. But this one is of three generations. Their names are Marta who is the grandma, Graciela her daughter and Gracielas son Emilio. They are all really awesome. They have had some contact with the missionaries in the past but we can´t find anything about them in the area book. But the first time we went over they opened up to us and told us about all the bad things that are going on in their lives right now. They really have a lot of dificulties. Yesterday we went by again and talked about how our faimliy can be together forever with the gospel of Jesus Chirst. It was an awesome lesson and right as we were inviting them to be baptized the grandma (she likes to talk a lot) interrupted and just went off on a huge tangent. Oh man! Afterward people came and the spirit was just not right to invite them. But we are excited for the next visit with them. They are really awesome and willing to keep commitments. Hopefully we can get that fecha with them this week.

This week we also had the zone training meeting. And man it really was a sweet meeting. The zone right now is super awesome and super animated about the work. We talked about repentance and a missionary gave just the sickest talk about it. I think everyone felt the spirit in the meeting and left ready to work hard. So the zone is really moving in the right direction so we are super excited about that.

Well I love you all and hope you all have a wonderfull week!

Elder Kyle Hudgins

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