Hello everyone!

From: Kyle Hudgins
Subject: Hello everyone!
Date: 3 Jun 2013 08:25:37 AM MDT

Well we have had a pretty crazy week here in Zapala and a lot of things have gone about. So I guess I´ll start with the transfers. So as you already know Elder Wagstaff left to go be the new assistant and so that means that I´m just staying here in Zapala with my fourth companion. His name is Elder Suarez. He is from Uruguay. I met him while I was in Trelew and he is pretty awesome and I´m really excited that he is coming here to be my comp.

So this week was another battle with sickness. Once again I cought a stomache bug and was out of work for 2 days and man was that a really boring 2 days! But now I´m doing fine and i´m at 100%. But I it was a tough week in our area because also earlyer in the week we went to do exchanges in cutral co. So thats 3 days that we wern´t able to work in our area. But I think its safe to say that the lord blessed us to make up for the lost time.

This week we were able to find two sweet new investigators Hector y Carlos. Hector was a reference from the hermanas and has already been to church. He was super recieptive and while we were teaching him his Carlos came by and we were able to teach him as well. They are both really interested in the church and want to learn more and follow Christ as well.

Another blessing that we got was on Sunday. but it started on Saturday night. Elder Wagstaff and I were walking down the street and we said to each other that we hadn´t contacted pretty much anyone this week so we started to talk to all the poeple that passed us. We came upon a man named Sergio. It was a simple contact and we invited him to church. We weren´t sure if he was going to go because I realized that he gave me a fake address. But surely enough Sunday morning he shows up! We talked to him in between classes and said that saturday night he was thinking and he said that he grandpa is member of the church and wants to follow what he is doing. So he was super content to be there in church. He stayed for the whole three hours and we set up a cita with him for wednesday and got his real address haha.

So another good piece of news is that Elder Kimball is coming to the zone! He is opening an area in Cutral Co and will be training as well and be the district leader which means I will be able to do exchanges with him shortly so that will be awesome! I love you all and hope you have a wonderfull week!

Elder Kyle Hudgins

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