Hello Family

From: Kyle Hudgins
Subject: Hello family
Date: 10 Aug 2013 08:23:56 AM MDT

Wow thank you for all the great pictures! Looks like you all had a fun filled weekend and those pictures were awesome with Elder Wagstaff´s mom! Thank you!

Anyway this week was a pretty fun one and it sure just flew by really fast. So this week we had exchanges with the zone leaders in Neuquen. I went with Elder Mena from Mexico. Elder Mena really is just a really awesome missionary. He only has like 8 months in the mission and it was really fun to go out and work with him. But man was that really a rough day we had together. We had a whole bunch of plans for the day. We were able to go by every single one of them and they were all home but for one reason or another they were able to sit down with us. So it was a long day of walking around just trying to find someone to teach. It was rough but we had a good time just trying to find something to learn from the day. Even though we had a bad day number wise we both felt satisfied with our work for the day.

Well this week really was another successfull week. I really like the things that we are seeing in the area and I hope it continues to get better. I´ll start off with Maitas and Romina. They really have been going through some struggles this week. They got in a couple arguments and there was a lot of tension in our visit with them on thursday. We talked about faith and how they need to have the vision that they are going to be able to overcome their weaknessess through Jesus Christ. It was a very spiritual lesson and I think it went very well. They were able to go to the registro civil to put a wedding date for the 31 of August so that was a huge step. But they still have a ways to go but I know that they can do it if they follow through on their committments.

This week we were also able to put a fecha with a man named Julio. He is a really great guy. He has a family but he was alone when we found him. We talked about following christ though baptism and he accepted really willingly. We are really excited to teach this family. Hhe said that he would go to church this sunday as well so thats really cool. We have a cita on Monday and we hope the whole family is there.

I love you all and hope you are enjoying these last few weeks of summer. Iove you!

Elder Kyle Hudgins

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