Elder Hudgins mentioned that they had a total of 34 new missionaries come this last week. With their trainers they had 68 missionaries at the mission office and home for training. Afterwards they had to take all 68 to the bus terminal. They had 30 taxis come for the missionaries and their baggage and that still wasn’t enough. Some missionaries missed their buses but all ended up in their areas eventually. The surge in missionaries is partially due to the increased number going on missions but also the replenish the pool of missionaries after the split they had in July. These are surely exciting times. Another neat thing happened with one of the members of our bishopric. He was traveling and was at the Atlanta airport where he ran across about 20 missionaries on their way to their missions. Guess where they went? They were on their way to Neuquén! (jh)

From: Kyle Hudgins
Subject: Hello
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 08:32:19 AM MDT

Well this week sure was a crazy one. With a lot of headaches but also with a lot of really fun experiences. It really was a challenge handleing all those missionaries but I think everyone had a great time and got really excited to be a missionary here. It will be amazing to see the impact of all the new missionaries on the mission. It makes me really excited for the future of the mission.

So this week we havn´t been able to work much in the area but last night we were able to have a lesson with both romina and matias and also with the familia rios. They are both doing really well. With matias and Romina they really don´t have any plans to get married. Their relationship is really distanced and they aren´t living together but they have worked out a lot of things. So who know maybe she can still get baptized. It will be an interesting situation so we will have to see but Romina said that she is pretty sure that these things are true. So its looking really good to be honest.

The Familia Rios is still doing really well. Last night the hermana was a little upset with the kids not doing very much around the house. So we made a chore list with them to help their mom. We also committed all of them to go to church and they we all really excited. So the kids are looking great for the 14 with is awesome. The mom is less active and she hasn’t been to church in about 5 years so that will be really cool to see her there. So this week should be a little more tranquilo so we should be able to focus on the investigators this week so that will be really nice.

Well I hope everyone is doing really well back at home! I love you all and hope you have a wonderfull weekend!

Elder Kyle Hudgins

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