We just received our first email from the MTC and couldn’t be happier.  Kyle’s P-Day is on Thursdays while he is in the MTC.  jh

From: Kyle Hudgins <kyle.hudgins@myldsmail.net>
Subject: HOLA!
Date: October 1, 2011 12:58:59 PM MDT

Its is saturday right now in between sessions of conference writing my first email!

This week has been crazy! When I got dropped off so many things started to happen. We went inside and i imediately got my nametage. It was a pretty cool feeling to be honest. The guide took me to my redidence all the way in the back corner of the campus. I droped off my bags and then went to my classroom where I met my companion, Elder Kimball. He is a way cool guy and we are getting along very well. He is from sandy and went to Jordan High School. Our teacher is Hermano Grua. He is a way fun teacher and I can’t believe how much spanish I have learned in 3 days.

My district is awesome. Elder Hancock, the elder we met at the Brick oven, is in my district. I am getting along with all the elders y hermanas in my district and we are all having a great time. One our first day, we did a workshop kind of thing where we had a group of about 30 missionaries and we were all teaching some investigators. It was cool get a feel of how the next two years of my life will be like. We need to focus on what the investigator need to hear, instead of what we want him to hear.

Thursday was a tough day. Hermano Grua told us that we would have our first lesson to an investigator on Friday ALL IN SPANISH!!! Me and elder Kimball were so nervous. We tried to gather all the Spanish we knew but we just didn’t feel we knew enough to teach a full lesson. We were really stressed out about that and were getting really dicouraged. We studied all we could and we knew that we would need the help of the Lord to help us make the lesson effective.

Friday morning is when our lesson was. We went over it a little in the morning but not too much. We started our lesson with Domonic, our investigator, and it was pretty rocky. He was talking all in spanish and we were having trouble understanding what he was saying. He also started talking about things that we had not studied any spanish on and were having a hard time answering his questions. But it went a lot better than i excpected it to go. I started to remember things that I had only read over once and some of the things i learned all the way back in jr. high. I have no doubt that the was Padre Celestial helping us through that lesson and helping us remember those things. The lesson ended up being a great learning experience.

Today, everyone at the MTC gathered to watch conference. It was pretty cool to see all these missionaries in one place. I got so excited to hear that they will be building a temple in DR Congo, Kenshasa. I bet Nana and George will be so happy about that. I am so excited for them because being on a mission is the coolest, funnest, but one of the hardest things I have done. Even though I miss everyone already I know that this is the place i should be right now. So please don’t worry about me.

I got the packages Mom, thank you for the donuts the hanger and the twix bars. My district really appriciates it too haha. Could you please send the Argentina flag in my room. I told my roommates I have one and they all want you to send it here.

Yo se la iglesia es verdadera y Jesucristo es el salvador.

I love you all,

Elder Hudgins

My p day is on Thursday so from now on that is the day you will get my emails!

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