One week down!

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Thanks everyone! (jh)

From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Subject: One week down!
Date: October 6, 2011 1:19:17 PM MDT

Hello family and friends!

Well, I just finished my first week here in the MTC and things are going pretty good. The first couple of days went by sooooo slow trying to get adjusted to the new schedule and stuff, but this week so far has flown by! We are always doing something. But it seems like all you so is eat and go to class. Right when we get ready for the day we go eat breakfast and right after that we head to the classroom and don’t leave till lunch then we head back to the classroom and I think you get the point. But it is going great.

There are 12 people in our district, 8 elders and 4 hermanas. Elder Kimball and I and one sister are going to Neuquen, and there are a couple going to Bahia Blanca and some more going to Resistencia. Its cool that we are all going to Argentina and we all got here on the same day, so we will probably all travel together. Elder Kimball and the sister both brought their sleeping bags so, when you get the chance just send it over.

This week I have learned so much spanish. Elder Kimball and I had to teach 3 lessons this week all in spanish. We taught our investigator about the restoration, the atonement, and faith. The atonemet lesson went really good. It is probably one of the hardest things I have done but when we do well it feels so good but not so good when we so bad. We just have to keep working hard keep studying and hopefully we will be more consistant. I had my first fireside and devotional this week. We had a sunday fireside and the speaker was Chad Lewis. I can’t seem to remember what he said right now haha but I remember that it was good. We had our Tuesday devotional and the speaker was emeritus general authrity L. Lionel Kendrick. He talked about how much God is a part of our lives and how he micromanages them. It was really good.

Probably the best day this week was yesterday. Hermano Grua gave an awesome lesson about the Doctrine of Christ. We read all of 2 Nephi 31 and I think it has become my favorite chapter of the Book of Mormon. I encourage all of you to read it. It relates so much to our purposes as missionaries. The lesson made me realize how important being a missionary is. We are the only people who can baptize converts. That means we are the only ones who can do all the things in the Christ teaches.

Tell me more about the things that are going on at home. How is the job hunt? How is school for Tyler? I really want to know what is going on in all of your lives!! Please tell my friends to write me also. Mail time is the best part of the day and it really sucks when I don’t get letters. So please send me more letters!

It is so weird not knowing what is going on in the outside world. It looks like it is snowing in the mountains today, it was raining on us hard when we were walking to the temple this morning.

Love you all,
Elder Hudgins

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  1. So glad you’re keeping this blog. We just love Kyle, more than he knows! He’s such an amazing kid with an AMAZING family. We love you all. Looking forward to more updates and we will definitely be sending him letters/emails so mail time doesn’t suck 🙂

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