Kyle at the Salt Lake Airport

Kyle was able to call us from the Salt Lake Airport as he was preparing to leave for Argentina.  Yesterday at Church, one of our ward members, Ryan Hardenbrook asked us which flight Kyle was taking.  We told him and he said he would try to see Kyle at the gate as he works for the airlines.  Sure enough, he was able to drop by the gate to wish Kyle a wonderful and successful mission.  We have proof as well.  Thanks Ryan for sending him off properly.


We got to talk to him for a bit.  He sounded wonderful.  We were disconnected a total of six times.  It looks like the problem was on the airport side of things.  The biggest problem was that every call Kyle made cost $15.  7 x 15 = $105.  Well, though I think the whole airport phone thing is a scam, it was worth it.  Before the conversation was over I had Kyle share his testimony in Spanish.  For those who know Spanish and those who don’t, you can hear that testimony below.

Kyle’s testimony in Spanish

Kyle is doing fine and looking forward to arriving in Neuquén tomorrow.  He is going to be a great missionary.  I expect we will be posting a picture of Kyle with his mission president in Argentina within the next day or so. (jh)

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  1. you can tell Kyle is ready and excited to go to Argentina, is that what they look like after spending 2 months at the MTC secluded from the out side world. a little bit crazy.

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