Well, missions are hard!

Kyle Hudgins <kyle.hudgins@myldsmail.net>
Subject: Well, missions are hard!
Date: December 5, 2011 7:14:24 AM MST

This sure has been a crazy week. Its crazy to think that im in argentina right now. It is definitely a shock. When i was in the airport, i was just like thinking oh my goodness what im i doing i cant understand anyone! And i still cant understand anyone! it is very frustrating. We have had a few lessons and i haven´t said anything in them because i have no idea what people are saying. It is probably the hardest thingk i have ever had to do. But really i have only been working for a couple days now. im just being impatient. I know it will come with time, i just want to know it now! But yeah Trevelin is pretty awesome. But there is so much work to do here. Its a very small branch here. yesterday at church we only had 25 people there. There are like 15 menos activo familias that our branch president Predidente Ganga has been really stressing us to get to work on. Pres. Ganga is very concerened about the work here. The members of the branch do really do a lot to help out with missionary work. He feels that the only poeple that do that is him and the missionaries. We are a little by ourself here in Trevelin. The district president who is in Esquel hardly ever comes here to a sacrament meeting and he is just very stressed out because of all the work. There is a lot to do, we just need to change some things that we are doing around here. But thats really hard for me when i can´t understand people and can´t speak very well.

Anyway, yesterday was pretty awesome day at church. We had a confimations of an hermana who was baptized last week. She had been investigating the church for 20 years and finally got baptized last week. It was really cool to be part of the confirmation. Also yesterday in tesitmony meeting i felt that is would be a good idea to introduce myself to the brach. It was my first testimony i have given in spanish in sacrament. I was a little nervous but Elder Clark said that is was perfect spanish so that was cool. Elder Clark is a pretty awesome guy. He is from washington and has been out here for about a year. We have been getting along really well and we are doing our best to change this branch around.

I had my first Argentine meals this week. All in all pretty good. On saturday we had lunch at pres. ganga´s we had this raviolli stuff and it was really good. Elder Clark said thats pretty much the norm. Yesterday to break our fast we had chicken milanesa. Its like chicken fried steak but with chicken. It was really good. So yeah im pretty excited about the food here. The milk is delicious and so is the cheese.

Well i hope you have an awesome week, i love you all!

Les amo
Elder Kyle Hudgins

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  1. Elder Hudgins! You just sound awesome! What an wonderful adventure for you and for your entire family! It is cold and grey here in Utah…typical December/winter in Utah. We think of you all the time and are so proud of the good things you are doing! Happy Holiday season … We so enjoy reading about all the things you are experiencing! Keep the Faith! Brother & Sister DeBry

    • Thanks for the kind words. I just added your comments to an email I was composing for Elder Hudgins as your comment arrived. I am sure he will be at least as grateful for your words as we are.

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