From: Kyle Hudgins <kyle.hudgins@myldsmail.net>
Subject: ¡Hola!
Date: December 12, 2011 7:22:24 AM MST

Hey everyone back at home, I hope everyone is doing good and getting ready for the Christmas season! Anyway, this week was another tough one. I still can´t understand everyone very well but its getting better every day so thats good. I´m starting to participate more in appointments. I can understand pretty well when we are talking about gospel stuff but not really when its just every day conversation. I hate to say it but this week was a little dissapointing. We had distirict conference yesterday. President Peterson came down, the whole district presidency and an area 70 we all there for the conference. Elder Clark and i spent most of the week sending out invitations to the menos activo families. We thought we made some pretty good progress and were expecting at least some of them to show up to the conference. Unfortunately we only had 4 people total (Presidente Ganga and his wife and another regular member and his daughter) make the 30 min trip to Esquel for the conference. It just sucked. Even though none of the menos activo families didn´t show up i hope our presence and us talking with them will make them a little more willing to go to church in the coming weeks. One familiy we talked to, the mother found a new job so now we will be able to reteach the lessons a again and hopefully get them going to church.

There is a lot of work to do here. The members are a little wish washy and most of them are old and feel like they have already done what they need to do and can rest now. I wish we had more people at the conference because thats what they stressed a lot. MEMBERS NEED TO HELP DO MISSIONARY WORK! just a message for everyone at home.

Anyway we had a couple cool experiences this week. We were doing service at this guys house (menos activo). He is like 95 and his daughters are always there and they are way nice. We shared a message at the end and invited the daughter to listen. We talked about prophets and the restoration a little and she agreed with it. She said to come back on Tuesday so that she can give us lunch and wash our clothes. Also the other day we were meeting with another hemana (another menos activo) and she had a friend there. We shared the message of the restoration and she said that she would like to listen to our lessons. So hopefully those go through well. I haven´t really taught too many lessons yet and don´t have many new investigators but now with conference out of the way hopefully we can find some.

So with Christmas i know i can use skype on Christmas day. If you could make a skype account for me and set it all up that would be sweet. Im not exactly sure what time yet. I´ll probaly go up to Esquel for that because i don´t think any of the computers here have cameras.

So yeah. Hope I have some better news next week. Just gotta keep on working. Gotta keep experimenting on ways to get this branch going! I know we will find a way.

Les amo,
Elder Kyle Hudgins

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