Tough week

From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Subject: Tough week
Date: December 19, 2011 7:15:00 AM MST

This week was tought! It was soooo hot this week. It was up around 100 degrees at least 3 days this week and I also have some pretty bad blisters on my feet. It sucks buy you just keep working. I know that if i keep doing the things i´m supposed to I will be put in the spots that i need to be. I think it was on Thursday this week. It was dang hot! We went out in the siesta and this town turns into a ghost town between 2 and 5. All the appointments we had fell through. So we decided to know (or clap) some doors but nobody was answered their door. It was seriously the worst day ever. We did that for a couple hours just walking around in the heat. We didn´t talk with anyone. After no success the whole day at about 8:30 we were talking with Hermana Montecino, a menos activa in the branch on her porch. Then a guy in the street calls for us and wants to talk. Hermana said oh he probably is just asking for money or whatever but we went to talk to him anyway. His name was David. His son 16 year old son was just killed a couple weeks ago. He was on his way to the cemitary and was asking us why this happened. He wondered why God would take away his son who was a good kid and not himself, who was a drunk. We talked about the plan of slavation a little and it was really awesome. I think he really felt something. He asked us to say a prayer for him in the middle of the street and it was just so powerfull. We got his information so we could talk to him. Unfortuately we haven´t been able to find him at his house. We will keep trying. But its cool how we just had this crap day, but i just knew that we had to be in the very spot at that moment so we could help David.

You were asking about investigators and stuff but we really don´t have meny new investagators. The 70´s of the area want us to focus on the menos activos. Its not really what i was expecting but there are a lot of kids in the familias menos activas who are not baptized. We had a lesson with the familia Lepin. She was offended by someone in the ward a couple years ago and hasn´t been to church for a while. Whe had an awesome lesson with the family and committed them to reading, praying, and going to church as a familly.

I gave my first talk in sacrament yesterday. It wasn´t too bad we had a good showing of people at sacrament, about 30, so that made it a little better. It was about faith in adversity. Everybody said it was really good so thats cool. It only lasted about 7 minutes and i had to write it all out. But im sure ill get plenty of chances to give talks in the branch.

Well thats about it. Its really weird being here for Christmas in the summer. Its not that big of a deal here it seems. It makes me miss the Christmas spirit in the states. But Christmas eve is the big day here. We are going to a memebers houre in the evening and on Christmas we are going to Esquel to be with the other missionaries and do an asado or something and just hang out it will be a fun day. Can´t wait to talk to you next week its going to be awesome!

Les amo,
Elder Kyle Hudgins

2 thoughts on “Tough week

  1. Love your pictures, Kyle… that hunk of meat looks yummy makes me hungry! And, the mountains are beautiful, so that should make you feel a bit like home.

    I’m so glad you can see the connection between having a very hard, long day which ended up putting you exactly where the Lord wanted you to be so that you could give a message of hope to that grieving father. He may not act upon it right now, but you have planted a very important seed in his heart.

    Keep up the good work, Kyle… vous êtes un bon missionnaire!

    Avec amour,


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