First Pictures from Argentina

Kyle had sent some pictures from Argentina.  He actually sent them last week but they failed to arrive because they were too large.  That has now been fixed and Kyle resent the pictures.  (jh)

From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Date: Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 4:03 PM
Subject: pictures!

I had my first asado this week it was really good. I also saw Matt Kelly at the airport in Buenos Aires. He was picking up missionaries going to his mission so that was cool. I didn’t even know i was going to Argentina so it was a big surprise. Put that on my facebook my friends would probably like to see that. And of course we had to do the traditional map picture with my MTC district.

Kyle followed up with a quick little note that kind of fit with his email about the pictures so I thought I would add it to the post.  (jh)

oh and also one more thing. I forget to say this every time. Can you make it so i stop getting emails from facebook. When i put my email on there it started sending them to me. I promise i have not gotten on the website but seeing that someone said something about me is a huge temtation haha. If you could do that that would be awesome

Elder Clark and Elder Hudgins at an asado.

Elder Hudgins in Trevelin.

Elder Matt Kelly with Elder Hudgins at the Buenos Aires Airport.

From the left, Elder Todd Kimball, Elder Kyle Hudgins, Hermana Bretleigh Sandorf, Elder Runyan, Elder Hoth, Hermana Nelson, Hermana Sweet, Elder Hoth, Hermana Shoaf, Elder Dalton, Elder King and Elder Hancock.

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