Una semana aca en Trevelin

For those not familiear with missionary terms, a missionary’s trainer is referred to as “my father” (mi papá), therefore the trainer of your trainer is “my grandfather” (mi abuelo). (jh)

From: Kyle Hudgins <kyle.hudgins@myldsmail.net>
Subject: Una semana aca en Trevelin
Date: January 30, 2012 7:38:50 AM MST

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a sweet week. It looked like you all had fun at Nana and George´s farewell. I can´t believe that they are already leaving. Thats awesome, I´m so excited for them. I do have two questions: What are those things that Tyler is wearing on his legs and what is going on with Nate´s hair??? Anyway, I´m glad everyone is having a good time.

This week in Trevelin was a pretty good one. We have been really working on getting references this week and we feel we have been getting some really good ones. There are a couple of people we are trying to talk to with some member but that can be a little difficult here with the small membership we have. One referrence we got was from Esquel and it was for Properina´s son. He lives here and we have actually met him before and he has two little girls that love us. The problem is that the wife really doesn´t like us. So we are trying to get a noche de hogar with Presidente Ganga and the family this week. I hope it works! We are also really trying to get these menos activos going to church. A lot of them have some kids that are not baptized so we need to get those families going to church so we can get those ordinances done.

We had an awesome lesson this week with one of the less active members. Her name is Zulma and she was baptized a long time ago and really has a strong testimony. She also went through the temple a few years back. We talked to President Peterson about her a little and he says that she really needs to be back at church. So we went over there this week and had a really good lesson and committed her to coming to church on sunday. I guess that bring me to this sunday. It was raining all night and all morning yesterday. Nobody showed up for church. There were only 9 people in sacrament. But the awesome thing was that Zulma actually showed up. It just made it all the better. I had to give a talk yesterday too about repentance and Zulma said that is was really good so i hope it helped her a little. She gave the closing prayer in Sacrament and it was a really good prayer. She said some things that show me that she is on the right track.

David is still progressing really well, although he didn´t come to church. But we talked to him Friday night and he said that he doesn´t drink anymore. We didn´t even have to tell him. Its awesome because the first time we saw him he told us that he wasn´t going to stop drinking because that was just what he did. But now he is like telling all of friends that is just stupid. He was telling all of them how cool it was that Presidente Ganga was visiting him too. Its awesome to see all the ánimo that he had about these changes he is making. I just keep getting more excited for him.

Things are still going well for Paola. She finally got a date set for her marriage for the 30 of March. We were hoping it would be a little sonner but its good that they have that date set. Right now we are really trying to get her to have her own testimony of the gospel. She is kind of riding of the testimony of her kids right now. We gave her the committment to pray about the church so hopefully she will get that confirmation.

Yesterday I think I probably had my best lesson. Elder Clark is really pushing me now and making me take lead in the lessons. We taught the daughters of Dionisio i think i may have metioned them before. They are both really nice and have a desire to find some sort of religion. But it was probably our best lesson of us teaching together so that was really satisfying.

The weather here this week has been really nice. Today I am actually wearing a sweater and my jacket. It has been raining a lot these past few days and its been a nice break from the hot weather. Oh and my package probably wont get here for about a month. I finally got the package the DeBry´s sent. Tell them thank you.

I think thats about it for the week. I´m excited for Nana and George! I hope you all have a awesome week!

Les amo,
Elder Kyle Hudgins

Oh and I´ll explain the pictures a little. The one that says RiBer is a joke around in Argentina. Its talking about River the soccer team and they are in the B league right now. In the alphebet the call the letter “b” b larga and the letter “v” b corta. So the joke goes like this… How do you spell River?… Con b larga (because they are in the b league).

The other pic is with Elder Clark (mi papá) and Elder Boyd (mi abuelo, Elder Clark´s trainer) at zone conference.

The other one is just a cool sunset.

3 thoughts on “Una semana aca en Trevelin

  1. Elder Clark, Just a note to wish you well in Trevelin. My companion and I reopened Trevelin back in 1984-85.I was there for 9 months and served as Branch Pres for most of that time as we worked to reactivate the several families that were in the area that had joined the church years before. I have so many fond memories of the town and especially the people. You mention Zulma. She was 16 or so and such a sweet spirt. We taught her mother at that time. Though she was supportive of Zulma, we didn’t make much progress with her. I don’t know if she ever joined.

    There were several other families that became very active at the time. I remember the Gonzales family… the father was the Branch Pres when we arrived but they were going through some very difficult family issues. There were several older sisters that were very active as well. Sister Austin, Sister Evans, Sister Diocartes, come to mind. The were in their 60s and 70s at the time so sadly I’m sure they are not there now. They had joined the church many years before when the missionaries rode in on horseback. Elder Wells was one of them and he used to come back to Trevelin from time to time…

    What wonderful memories I have of the little town. I love those mountains that tower over the town. (Had some great P-Day trips to the beautiful parks around there!) Do you still meet in the little house a block off of the main street? The roses that grew in the yard were always amazing.

    I’ll keep my eye on your blog and hope to hear more about your time there. You’ll remember the place the rest of your life and I only hope and pray that you come to love the town, its culture and people like we did. Send my best to Zulma!

    Elder (once an Elder, always an Elder 😉 ) John Oberrick,
    San Diego, CA

    • As the father of Elder Kyle Hudgins, I am the person who posts his letters and the comments to this blog. Thank you John for your comments and sharing your own experiences in Trevelin. I have forwarded these comments onward in the hopes that they will be shared with some of your old investigators.

      Elder (once an Elder, always an Elder) Jim Hudgins of the California Fresno Mission 1982 – 1984

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