Awesome week

From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Subject: Awesome week
Date: January 23, 2012 7:51:15 AM MST

This week was pretty sweet. We had zone conference in Bariloche on Friday and it was pretty good. But let me start with the beginning of the week. On Tuesday we had just returned from dristrict meeting and we saw that we had nothing to eat in the pension so we went out real fast to get something. While we were walking we saw a couple tourists sitting on the side of the road. They seemed really frutstrated so we asked them if everything was alright. They asked if we spoke english and when they found out we did they were pretty happy. They were all from Isreal and they were trying to get to Futulaufu, Chile. Someone told him that there would be a bus coming by later in the day but that bus only comes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When we told them they were not too happy. They told us that they needed to get to Chile the fastest and cheapest way possible (yes they were Jewish). We told them that it would probably be like 60 pesos to get to the boarder and then another 60 from the boarder to Futulaufu. When we said that they were like ¡¿Seriously?! That acutually was really cheap to what it ended up to be. But we took them to the taxi place and translated for them we even took them to a members house to use their internet because all the sybers were closed. We got them on their way and they were very greatfull for our help. I think it was their first time ever seeing missionaries so I hope we made a pretty good impression.

On Thurday we all headed to Bariloche for zone conference. Elder Clark had to go on Wednesday to do his visa. So it was just me and the Elders from Esquel. 5 hours on a bus is not the funnest thing in the world. I pretty much just tried to sleep the whole time. We did pass through some really nice cities on our way though. But when we got to Bariloche we all went to different pensions in the city to sleep for the night. The pension i was in the terrible. They had no food. I had to take a shower with a cup. It was not very fun.

But Zone Conference was pretty sweet. The conference was focused on baptism. I don´t know if i have told you but i think this mission is the lowest baptizing mission in all of South America. President Peterson said to make sure to focus your lessons on baptism. And put the baptismal date in the first lesson. He also really stressed the importance of finding new investigators. He wants every companionship to have 5 new investigators every week and a goal of 2 every day. It was pretty good. I understood most of it but still not all of it. The spanish is coming well though.

So the best thing that happened this week was on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we asked Presidente Ganga if he wanted to go out on visits with us and he said yes, but he didn´t want to talk about baptism haha. So we went to David´s house and we talked about baptism. It was awesome. He said he was willing to do what he has to do to be baptized. So we set him with a date of 11 de Febrero and we also invited him to church. And he came yesterday. We gave him a tour of the chapel and it went really well. The first counselor in the mission presidency was there too and he gave an awesome talk. David said he had a really great experience. Also yesterday evening we were walking past his house and he was on his porch and he waved at us so we went to talk to him and you could just tell on his face that he was much happier than before. It is just awesome to see that difference in someone when they feel the gospel in their lives. I am so excited for David right now. If he keeps doing the things we tell him to do we might even be able to move up the date a week. Its awesome to see someone accept our message like that.

Well I hope all is well at home. Send some more pictures. Im sorry i don´t send a lot of pictures but none of the USB ports on these computers work so its hard. Hope you all have a great week. Love you all.

Les amo,
Elder Hudgins

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