¡Hola familia!

As Elder Hudgins talks about the weather, be aware they are in the middle of summer in his part of the world. (jh)

From: Kyle Hudgins <kyle.hudgins@myldsmail.net>
Subject: ¡Hola familia!
Date: January 16, 2012 8:41:55 AM MST

Hey how is everything going on at home? Hope all is going well right now. This week was really fun. Pobably my funnest since I have been here. And the reason is because we worked the hardest we have this week. Elder Clark and I are just really focused right now and its awesome. President sent out a new email with mission commandments. He wants to change the whole focus in this mission. He wants us to find at least 2 new investigators a day. Its not really the easiest thing in Trevelin but we did our best to get it. We were going through the area book and trying to thing of part member families all week that we could teach and get them to investigate the church. We found some really good people this week that I believe have really been prepared. We finally found David this week and we sat down and had a lesson with him. We talked a lot about Jesus Christ and what he thing God expects from him right now. He says he really wants to change but he is afraid that he wont be able to fulfill with the commandments and all that stuff. He said he was going to be at church but didin´t show up so that was a little frustrating. Hopefully we can meet with him sometime this week. Another new was Hermano Uribe. The family is less active but he and his 9 year old daughter are not baptized. He recently lost his job and they have been having some family problems. He has really been humbled. He is working in the campo right now and probaly only makes about 50 pesos a day. We had an awesome talk with him. He talked a lot about repentance. He was really beating up himself because he was really close to baptism a couple months ago but then he felt like he had a nice job and all that so he was fine with his life. We asked him about baptism and he had the same doubt as David. But we will help him with that. We have an appointment with the family tomorrow so I´m excited to see how that goes. And another awesome person we found was one of the daughters of a member of the branch Dionisio. He is like 95 years old and we go over every Thursday to do service. He has two daughters that are just the nicest people ever. They always have nice treat and always bring out jugo for us. We took the sacrament to Dionisio yesterday and we asked her about if we could teach the lessons. She is really thinking about it hard and taking it seriously and she knows that it is something very important. So we will go on Thursday and share a message with her. Hopefully it goes well.

This week we have zone conference. My first one. Because the mission is so big we have zone conferences every other transfer. Im excited about it but im not excited for the 5 hour bus ride to Bariloche. And it is taking 3 days out of our work week because Elder Clark has to do some visa stuff. From everyone that I talk to Bariloche is very overrated and always covered in ceniza. Elder Clark says Trevelin is the prettiest part of the mission.

So if you think the weather in Utah is weird, you have to see the weather here. Seriously like on Sunday night last week it snowed in the mountains and Monday and Tuesday were pretty cold days. And these last couple of days have been killer. If you ever send a package, make sure there is some gold bond in there. Oh and also send some pictures to put in my album. I love getting email pictures but i can´t look at them when i want.

Well anyway, I believe thats about all for this week. Hope you have a wonderfull week!

Les amo,
Elder Kyle Hudgins

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