Hello Everyone!

From: Kyle Hudgins <kyle.hudgins@myldsmail.net>
Subject: Hello Everyone!
Date: February 27, 2012 8:03:08 AM MST

How is everyone doing. Its great to hear from you again this week. Thanks for all the emails, I love getting them every week!

Well this week was a little slow and pretty frustrating. We weren´t able to have any lessons with any of our fechas and we weren´t able to get any of them to church either. Elder Clark and I have gotten a little disanimated about our lack of success but we just have to keep working and I know we will start seeing some awesome stuff happen. And one awesome thing did happen this week. So we went to our appointments with Paola and Zulma with her son (they live right down the street from each other) on Saturday. None of them were home. We were really down about it because that had been happening all week. So in planning we put our back up plan to knock doors in the neighborhood which we usually never plan to knock doors (my reasoning was that I really wanted to find a new investigator in that neighborhood because Paola and Zulma aren´t the most reliable people). Not the best demonstration of faith, but it turned out really well in the end. So Paola was not home so we went knocking. We started with the neighbor and it turned out that she was really interested in our message. It was awesome! Her name is Wanda and she had so many questions, saying that she likes the Bible but just doesn´t feel it has everything because of all the changes that have been made to it. So that got Elder Clark and I extremely excited. We talked about the Book of Mormon and gave the lesson about the restoration. She was very receptive to it and we put a fecha for the 17th. And she said that she would go to church. So Sunday came and unfortunatly she didn´t come to church. We went by yesterday and she said that she had slept in but she had read all of the Restoration folleto and 2 Nefi 2 and she has no doubts. So that was sick. We set an appointment to go on Wednesday so hopefully we can keep her progressing. Its awesome when things like that happen and you can see that the lord is working through you and he is also working in other places preparing others. I love the verse Jacob 5:72 where it says that the Lord of the vineyard went to work with the servants. I know that He is working with us in Trevelin.

Last night we went out with Pte. Ganga to do some visits. Alright so here is a little story. So Pte. Ganga was at the verdulería and he left his teachings for George Albert Smith book in the store. So a couple days later he returned asking if he left it there. The cashier guy pulled it out from under his desk and said yeah but he wanted to keep it because he has started to read it and he loves it. He is like 100 pages in. He then pulls out a teachings of Wilford Woodruff book and says that he has already read this one and loves it. I have no idea how he got those books but we were very excited to go contact him with Pte. last night. We we went and we were going to give him a Book of Mormon but he was busy helping people so he couldn´t talk. The unfortunate part was that we found out he lives in Esquel. Puchas. So we will be sending a very sweet reference to the Elders in Esquel.

Yesterday I also gave the lesson in priesthood. Suprisingly it went really well. I was really suprised that i could speak spanish well enough to teach a class by myself. that was and I just felt an awesome sence of accomplishment afterward.

We had an interesting opportunity to lend service by helping someone make a float for Carneval here. We contacted a guy and he was making a giant spider in his garage and he said to come by and help him out. It was sick I took some pictures and I´ll send them out to you in the near future when I can get a working USB.

I also got sick this week. I have no idea what it came from. But we wern´t able to go out because I was throwing up and stuff. Its really boring staying in the pension all day. I would much rather go out and work even if we don´t have the most success. I love this work and I am so glad to be a missionary. There is nothing else i would rather be doing right now.

Well I hope you all have a great week. I wish for the best in everything for all you back home. Love you all!

Les amo,
Elder Kyle Hudgins

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