From: Kyle Hudgins <kyle.hudgins@myldsmail.net>
Subject: Hellooo
Date: March 5, 2012 7:36:14 AM MST

Hello everybody back at home. Its been a nice week here in Trevelin. Hope everyone is doing awesome at home. It sure sounds like everyone is doing great.

Bueno, this week was not the easiest but we did find some new investigators that I hope we can progess with. One of the news we found this week was through service. We were just walking down the street and we saw this old woman working on her lawn mower. We asked if she needed help and she answered bastante. So we ended up helping her take apart her lawn mower trying to figure out how to get the starter going but it we couldn´t figure it out. So we just cut her lawn with a push mower and a week wacker. She was very greatfull for our help and invited us to come back next week. So we are hoping that goes well this week.

The zone leaders also came here and Elder Clark and I did divisions with them. Elder Rodriguez, one of the zone leaders, was in this area about a year ago so he took Elder Clark around to some antiguo investigators so we will be visiting them this week as well. I really hope we can get some progress with these new investigators because the ones that we have now aren´t progressing as well as we like.

The zone leaders were also in our district meeting. One of the things we talked about was keeping a positive attitude. To be honest these last couple of weeks I have become a little discouraged. We haven´t been able to have any lessons with any of our fechas and havn´t had good attendence in church. Last Monday when we went out and worked in the evening all of our appointments fell through and we were left in the rain without anything to do. So we went around knocking doors in the rain for the last hour of the day. Nobody answered the door during that hour. It was tough. But Elder Clark are still keeping a good outlook and we start every day as a new day, forgetting the day before. I just know that sometime we will see the fruits of our labors if we keep working hard. Even when people don´t do the things that they say they will do you still have to love them and keep helping them recognize how these things will help.

The coolest thing that i get to see here, is the progession in the gospel with Prosperina. She gave an awesome testimony yesterday. Last month she said that she still couln´t say that she knew everything in this church was true but she wants to know. Yesterday she said that she now knows it it true to that was awesome. I could feel the spirit so strong in the chapel it was awesome. Their is no greater joy than helping people be converted to the gospel.

One thing that the zone leaders also suggested was work with the members more. They showed us a plan they made about how to work with the member. This is something Elder Clark and I are going to try and I really think that it will help the work here move along very well.

Thats awesome to hear about Jr´s call. Elder Clark is from Spokane WA. He says that that part of the state is more farms and stuff and also a lot of hispanics. Just let him know that anywhere you go and serve the Lord, you are going to love it.

Well I hope you all have a wonderfull week. I love you all. Send pictures!

Les amo,
Elder Kyle Hudgins

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