From: Kyle Hudgins <kyle.hudgins@myldsmail.net>
Date: May 21, 2012 9:04:51 AM MDT

Wow this week was awesome! I hope that can give you a bit of the evidence of how much I am liking my new area right now. Elder Rivera and I did a lot of awesome work this week and I am super pumped for the next coming weeks hopefully full of mulitple baptisms!

Anyway so I arived here in Rawson at about 6:00 in the morning on tuesday. I didn´t really get the best nights sleep on the bus so it was a very tiring day. Everyone was just saying “jeez Elder just go take a nap” but it was still really fun to work on my first day here. It was fun getting to know a couple families in the ward and finding some new people to teach. The next day the zone leaders thought it would be a great idea to take me out of my area and do divisions. So on wednesday I was in Trelew working with Elder Reid. It is the same Elder Reid that Nana and George met his grandparents while in the MTC. It was actually really fun working with him, he is awesome. An rumor has it that their area is one of the best, most successfull in the mission. So we had a really great time. We found a family and put fechas with them. It was awesome. I was really able to learn a lot from my day with Elder Reid.

So the thing that made this week so awesome is that we were able to progress with a lot of investigators. We put 10 fechas this week which was by far the most that I have done in a week. It was amazing to see the spirit work and see people accept the gospel. One familiy we are working with is the son of the ward mission leader. The wife, Fernanda, was recently baptized about a month ago and she is awesome. Her testimony is way strong. The best thing was that we were able to see a miricle with this family. So on wednesday while I was in Trelew, Fernanda went out with Elder River and Elder Johnstun the other zone leader. She said that is was probably the closest she had felt to God in her life. She told us that that night she said a prayer for every one of our investigators that she visited with and also prayed that her family would accept the gospel. She said she prayed with everything she could and felt closer to the savior than ever before. So meanwhile, they have been trying to keep their house. The owner of the house wanted to sell it and Fernanda and Gustavo didn´t have enough money to buy it. So Gustavo, the husband, was talking to the owner about the situation and didn´t feel like it went the best. But the next day (the day after Fernanda went out with the missionaries) the owner said that he was no longer trying to sell the house and that they could stay there. So they were extremly happy about that and Fernanda knew that they had been blessed by the Lord. So the very next day we went to their house and tought them. The lesson was awesome. I don´t know if I had felt the spirit so strong before on my mission. We were able to put a fecha for Gustavo on the 26 of May. So right now we are really focusing on preparing him for baptism. We talked to him last night and he said that he is ready, just waiting for one answer. So we will be working with him a lot this week to help him get that answer and I am really excited for that. We were also able to get a baptismal date for their son Tomas for the 9 of June. He is really excited to and has a desire. So to say the least I am really excited to work with this family and help them recieve the blessing of an eternal family.

So Sunday was pretty awesome. We had 5 investigators in the capilla this last week. Two of them were Rodrigo and Gonzalo. They are bothers, Gonzalo is 14 and Rodrigo 11. Rodrigo had been to church before and has expressed a desire to be baptized. But Gonzalo has never been to church before and I don´t thing he has been tought very much. But they both came to church and LOVED it. After sacrament we had a quick lesson with them right there in the chaple. Gonzalo said that he really didn´t want to go to church this morning but because we went by to pick them up he came. But after he said that he had such a great time especailly with all the young men. He told us that he wants to get baptized as well so we put a fecha for the 16 of June and also put on for Rodrigo on the 2 of June. We talked to their parents later in the afternoon to get permision to teach them and they were all on board and said that they would support them. So that was awesome.

Man I truly have been blessed to be here in Rawson. The work here is amazing. We had 120 people in church yesterday. It was crazy. It made me so nervous that when I had to go introduce myself I pretty much forgot all of my spanish. The young men are awesome. On saturday morning we played some futbol with them and had a great time. My comp is awesome. Elder Rivera and I are getting along really well and he is helping me out with my spanish. I can´t wait to see with the future has in store here in Rawson.

Well I hope you all have a good week back at home. Just know that I love you all.

Les amo,
Elder Kyle Hudgins

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