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Subject: hoooooola
Date: 11 Feb 2013 07:37:03 AM MST

Well it was another crazy week and I guess i´m getting right into my role as zone leader. This week we had the opportunity to participate in the zone leaders council. To be honest it was kind of boring. It was super hot and humid in Neuquen as well. We were all dying in the chapel. But there was some pretty sweet things that President Lovell shared with us and things that will really help me and give me some more animo and really understand why I am here. Also lunch was really good. Some chicken that was made american style with like cajun spices type deal (I don´t really know how else to explain it) and some mashed potatoes. It was a nice piece of home. It was also fun to see Elder Kimball who I haven´t seen for about a year so that was fun to catch up and share some experiences and everything.

So with the zone leader council came my first capacitación (do I say training? but that doesn´t sound right). Clearly spanish is ruining my english. But you know I was thinking yeah it will go well and everything like that but it was a little rocky. I wasn´t really sure how to do it. Its difficult to teach and do all the pracitces in just 2 and a half hours. But the missionaries said it was good. But it was deffinitly a time to learn from mistakes haha. The next one will be a lot better when we go to San Martin tomorrow. I guess sometimes you just have to learn things by making mistakes at first.

So anyway this week we had a baptism! Oriana was baptized this past saturday and it was a pretty memorable service. So it was a pretty cloudy day all day on saturday and we were hoping the rain would hold off until after the baptismal service. So we went outside and took some pictures and everything and right when we got inside there were some huge lightning strike and really loud thunder and it cut the power. It started raining soooo hard. Without the microphone it was hard to hear the speakers with all the rain falling on the roof of the church. So we had the baptismal service without power but it was still a great service. It was awesome to perform the ordiance. Its amazing how you can feel the power of God in the ordiances.

Well I hope you all have a wonderfull week. Know that I love you all so much. Thank you for all the support!

Elder Kyle Hudgins

This is a picture of Oriana and Elder Irala

Oriana and Elder Irala

Oriana and Elder Irala

This is with Elder Kimball in Neuquén

With Elder Kimball

With Elder Kimball

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