Hello Family

From: Kyle Hudgins
Subject: Hello Family!
Date: 25 Mar 2013 07:31:59 AM MDT

Well this week was pretty awesome. We had a couple of miricles and a lot of good things happen to our investigators.

Anyway, I´ll start with Yaneth. I don´t know if i mentioned about her a while back, but she is the girlfriend of a member menos activo here. Before I got here she had gone to church quite a few times. But my second week here her mom made her stop going to church because she says we are a cult. So we had no contact with her for the past 2 months or so. Also her boyfriend Nestor got discouraged and everything and we lost contact with him as well. But this week we went by and found Nestor. He recently had a surgery and wanted us to come by. So now he is living with Yaneth behind his grandmas house. We talked and asked Yaneth about her situation and explained that she wanted to get baptized but her mom wouldn´t let her. But now that she is living outside the house she told us that she really wants to now. So we talked with them and told them that they first need to start doing all the things to get married. So this week they comitted to start all the tramites and everything. So hopefully in about 2 weeks they can get married. And right after that Yaneth will get baptized. It was awesome and really an answer to our prayers. We had been praying a lot for Yaneth but she just wasn´t living in a good eviroment in her house. Yesterday she came to chruch and we had a special stake converence via satelite. Elder Russell M. Nelson, Elder Clayton and Elder Bowen all spoke and it was an awesome conference. Elder Russell spoke (in castellano as well) about how we can only recieve the exaltation by being married in the temple. So it was perfect for them. I´m super excited for these two. We showed Yaneth a picture of the temple and loved it. So we are super blessed to have them coming to church again.

Also with Roberto. He was getting a little disanimated because he is realizing now that he can´t really progess more with out being married. But we comitted him to come to the conference yesterday and also to prepare himself for the general conference in two weeks. He came yesterday and loved it as well. I love it how all the people who spoke were very direct and I think it help Roberto understand the importance of marriage in God´s plan. This week we will go by and hopefully he will be doing a little better. We keep praying for him that he can commit to live the law of chastity. Hopefully these conferences will help him have enough faith to do it.

So this morning we got an email from President telling us that Elder Cook of the twelve is going to be visiting the mission on June 1! So that is going to be an awesome experience. Im very excited to meet him.

Well I love you all and hope you all have a wonderfull week! Thank you for all the letters!

Elder Kyle Hudgins

A couple pictures from San Martin.

San Martin

San Martin

So its kind of hard to tell but in this one we climbed a really steep mountain to get to a neighbor hood that was on the mountain side.

Steep climb

Steep climb

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