A week of miracles!

From: Kyle Hudgins <kyle.hudgins@myldsmail.net>
Subject: A week of miracles!
Date: June 11, 2012 8:43:55 AM MDT

Well we sure did have a pretty sweet week here in Rawson. It´s amazing to see the Lord´s hand in this work and to see him blessing the people who strive to follow Him.

This week we had a couple of mircles that I would like to mention. The first is with our investiagtor Silvia. She has been investigating the church for quite a while now and has finally received a testimony of the church and the restoration. She has been going to church every week and has been reading all the chapters we leave her in the Book of Mormon and more as well. She has been progressing really well. The thing that is keeping her from being baptized is that she is living with a man right now and she can´t marry him until she gets divorced. The problem is, she has to go to Buenos Aires to divorce her ex-husband and she doesn´t have the money to do that. So a while ago, we brought Fernanda with us to one of our lessons. Her husband Gustavo works with the government and she said that she would talk to him to see what he could do. So finally this week we got a call from Fernanda telling us that Gustavo was able to get the airplane tickets for her to travel to Buenos Aires. It was awesome and we then right away called Silvia to tell her the news and she couldn´t believe it. She was so happy and so excited. She recognized the blessing have come from the Lord as well.

The other miracle came from the brother of Rodrigo, Gonzalo. He is the one who came with Rodrigo a couple weeks ago and really liked it. But he hasn´t been to church since then and never sat in on our lessons with Rodrigo. But this Wednesday night we had a noche de hogar and invited the whole family of Rodrigo and a few other people from the ward. We had a lesson about faith and we did a couple of activities and played some ping pong as well. It was a really fun night, but the best thing was that while everyone was playing games, Gonzalo was talking to us and said that he wanted to get baptized. We told him “yeah we can do that. How about th 16 of June.” Then he says well can we do it any sooner. So we say yeah how about this Saturday. Unfortunately his mom had to work and everything so we couldn´t do it this week. But Gonzalo is going to be baptized on Friday this week. So that was really sweet! He came to church, as well as their other brother and their cousin. So the gospel is spreading through this family and it is so awesome to see. The gospel really does bless families!

Another miracle came with Judith. She investigated a while ago and is now showing interest again. Last week we left her to read Alma 32. So when we came back to teach her again this week we asked how her reading went. When she was expaining what she read, Elder Rivera and I were both like, this isn´t was we left her to read. She actually read Alma 30 which talks about Korihor. Now I´m not exactly sure how but she said that she received the answer that she has had for a long time which is why have all these bad things happened to me. She has desires to be baptized but we need to help her quit smoking and get married. So that will be our focus this week and hopefully we will be able to have success with those things. The Lord sure does work in mysterious ways!

Well Thats about all I have for this week. I´m so greatfull for the blessing I have received and also for the blessings that my investigators have received. I know that the Lord is helping in the work. I hope you all have a wonderfull week!

Con cariño,
Elder Kyle Hudgins

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