Some news

From: Kyle Hudgins
Subject: Some news
Date: 15 Jul 2013 08:22:13 AM MDT

Well hello everyone. Its fun to write you today from my new area. I would think that you will all be excided to hear about where i am. Well today I am writing you from the comfotable mission office because I have been assigned to be the next assistant to the president. Yeah pretty crazy no? I was really surprised and its going to be a really cool experience.

Well this week we were able to have the baptism of Sabrina. It was a really special baptismal service. All of the Barraza family was there and also Sabrina´s parents came and they really liked the service. We showed a video that showed the testimonies of all the apostles and he told us that he really believe that all the things they were saying were true. So we set up an appointment to go by this week.

We were also able to make a lot of progress with another parrt member family. Brenda is a less acitve member who says she really wants to return to church. She is living with her boyfriend Sergio. He accepted a fecha for the 17 of agust and they are both really excited to start changing their lives and go to church.

So yeah its going to be a pretty crazy experience being assistant but I am pretty excited to be with Elder Wagstaff again. We will also be in a trio with Elder Zimbleman for a week and a half so that will be fun as well.

Sorry but I forgot my camera in the house. I love you all and I promise pictures next week. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

Elder Kyle Hudgins

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  1. Dear Elder Hudgins (aka Kyle),

    I can tell you, with complete honesty, that I felt you would receive this special assignment. Obviously, it was not appropriate to share that feeling with you until now that it has come to pass. As you know, being an AP requires much work and includes many responsibilities that go both ways… to the Mission President and to the missionaries. Your faithfulness and obedience will assist the president. Your testimony and example of Christ-like leadership will bless and strengthen those missionaries whose testimonies may not have fully developed or whose knees are weak. And, in the long term, you will learn how to be a righteous Priesthood holder for your future wife and children. Of course, you have also had wonderful examples of faithfulness with your parents. Your father loved his own mission and wanted you to have those same faith and character-building experiences. Your mother knew if was important to marry a man who honored his priesthood. I’m very proud that you have been such a wonderful role-model for all of us and can’t wait to swap mission stories with you when we get home.

    Felicitations! Vous’avon beaucoup amie d’eglise et membres nouveaux! Continuex votre bon travail! (The grammar may be “iffy”) 🙂
    Congratulations! You have many friends of the Church! (investigators) and new members! Keep up the good work!

    Avec amour,

    Sœur Smith (aka Nana)

    • Thank you Mom for the kind words. I have forwarded your comments to Elder Hudgins. It is funny you felt that way. I did too though I couldn’t explain it myself. The math didn’t seem to add up.

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