From: Kyle Hudgins
Subject: Hello
Date: 20 Jul 2013 07:13:53 AM MDT

Hello family! How is everyone doing this fine saturday morning? It is a little chilly here in Neuquen so i hope you are all enjoying the nice warm weather. Well it hasn´t been too long since I wrote you but it sure has been a crazy first week here.

I´ll start off one Tuesday. Tuesday morning we all took the missionaries going home to the airport. There were a couple of really good friends and really good missionaries like Elder Nance the left and it was sad to see them go. But a couple hours later the new missionaries arrived which birghtened up the spirits again. The new missionaries are awesome. It was really fun spending the day with thiem and getting to know them. We had to do all the training stuff and teachign them the rules and all that. It was fun.

The next day on Wednesday was a crazy one. We were excpecting all the trainers to come in to do the capacitation with all the missionaries. What was also crazy was that Hermana Lovell had to go home and there were also 2 other missionaries that were coming in from Colombia. So president and Elder Zimbelman went to the airport to take the hermana and to pick up the new Elders. But some flights got delayed and that left Elder Wagstaff and I alone to do some of the training. Now I will let you know that I literally had no idea what i was doing thing whole time. Its pretty much just like they throw you in to get up to game speed. So during lunch Elder Wagstaff tells me that you are going to have to train the new missionaries by yourself and he was going to train the trainers. So I did my best and I had to really rely on the spirit to take all the time. But it turned out really well and I think that all the missionaries could feel the spirit in the capacitacion. And right when I finished President came so we could continue with the meeting.

So those are just a couple of the things that happened this week. Its been pretty tought getting use to the office. Its just totally different than the other life of a regular missionary. We were able to go out and work. We do have an area. The area is called Belgrano. But now we have to focus on the zone conferences that start next week. On Monday we go to Roca and on Tuesday we are here in Neuquen for then on Thursday we make the trip down to Esquel so that will be really fun to go back down there. Hopefully I will be able to go down the Trevelin and visit some people. So that will be really fun. A whole lot of traveling but it will be a good time.

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderfull day!

Elder Kyle Hudgins

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