Hello family

From: Kyle Hudgins
Subject: Hello family
Date: 30 Jul 2013 05:42:42 AM MDT

Well I know that youre all probably freaking out that I didn´t send a letter to all you the other day but hopefully the letter today will make it up to you.

So this week has been pretty amazing and really packed full. We had to go around all the mission to do the zone conferences. It really has been a blast. Sometimes it was a little intimadating. We started out with the Roca zone which was pretty tranquilo. But on tuesday we had zone confernce with both the Nuequen zone and the Nuequen Oeste zone. There were like 50 missionaries that I had to train. Now that was a little intimidating but it was also really fun. One of the really crazy things was that at the end they invite all the missionareis that are going home in the next two transfers to bear their tesitmony. So one of those missionaries was me. That was really a cool experience. It was a chance to see how much my tesitmony has grown over the past two year. So after the conferences here in the north we traveled down to Esquel. It was a really cool experience to see some familiar faces. But was that coolest thing was is that we stayed the whole weekend because president had to be there for district conference. So on Friday after the zone conference I was able to go down to Trevelin to visit some people. Everybody was happy that I could actually talk this time. We were able to go out with the Asbell´s who are the matrimony that are down there. They are awesome and they were really greatfull for my help. One of the really cool things is that we were alble to visit Prosperina. Unfortunatly she has been inactive since March. We talked to her and she said she felt a lot better about the visit. We comitted her to go to chruch next week so I really hope and pray that she will. But on sunday it was awesome to see everyone. The nicklitcheks, the gangas, and also Paola and her son Irving both went. IT was a really great meeting and hopefully it help Paola a lot. We also went to visit her and she really has progressed a lot over these past two years. She is trying to get married so she can get baptized but she and her boyfriend keep running into problems. Hopefully they can do it. It weould be awesome to see her get baptized.

I´m sorry I haven´t been able to send pictures. I can´t figure out whats wrong but I can get the file to pull up on the computers with all my pictures. Hopefully next week I will be able to. I love you all an dhope you have an amazing week!

Elder Kyle Hudgins

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