Awesome Week!

From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Subject: Awesome week!
Date: June 4, 2012 8:51:33 AM MDT

Well this week sure was awesome! Rodrigo was baptized this week! It was such an awesome experience this week to be able to help him and to see him make a covenant with heavenly father. There was nothing sweeter than seeing the smile on his face when he came out of the water so that was very satisfying. I can´t really descirbe what it was like during the service. I just had such a good feeling. I was thinking of all the work I had done these past 8 months and it was probaly the hardest 8 months of my life. But I would do those 8 months all over again just to have that one baptism. I guess the best way to describe how I felt would be found in D y C 18: 15-16 and we will just leave it at that.

This week was also just really fun working. We were really stretching ourselves trying to reach the standard of the mission. We were able to do a lot of good this week and find a ton of new investigators, some really good ones too. But we fell short with 3 investigators in church when we needed 5. We were able to find a couple families that accepted baptismal dates and have some really good promise. So the work here in Rawson has some really good things coming forward and I´m really excited. For this next coming weeks.

Oh we also had a miracle this week when we found a menos activo knocking some doors. Her name is Nancy. We were walking around during the siesta and all our appoinaments failed us. So we decided to knock doors which we never do during the siesta because it just isn´t a very smart thing to do with sleeping Argentines. But we ended up knocking on Nancy´s door. Her whole familiy was baptized 6 years ago in Formasa Argentina but now they are all inactive. When we knocked Nancy answered the door with a face of inbelief and excitment at the same time. She then told us that she had been thinking about going back to church and wanted to go this week and that she had also prayed that the missionaries would find her again and teach her. So there was an answered prayer it was amazing. She came to church yesterday with her boyfriend who isn´t a member and her sister came as well from Trelew.We will be visiting the family more this week and hopefully we can get them all going to church.

This week was also just really fun. Last Monday was the birthday of one of the recent converts in the ward Hermana Dalia. So we went over there to play some games and eat some torta. We played some fargo, I forgot what they call it in spanish. But we all had a great time. The missionary that baptized her is in Trelew so he and his companion came and we all had a great time.

Man there really is nothing better than the mission. I am having so much fun and the rewards you get from doing the Lord´s work are priceless. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Les amo,
Elder Kyle Hudgins

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