Last one!

From: Kyle Hudgins
Subject: Last one!
Date: 5 Oct 2013 06:30:37 MDT

Well I dpn´t want to spoil all the stories for when I get home but I would really like to share the amazing day we had last Saturday in Rincon de los Sauces. I really was such a great experience. We met with the familia Ponce and the familia Bogado. So just a little background. The Familia Ponce was baptized in Santa Fe about 20 years ago. Hno Ponce was in the high council and everything but then he moved to Rincon 12 years ago where the church doesn´t exist. They go to church every once in a while to Neuquen where they have a daughter living. But it has been 12 years where there has been no church but he still tells everyone that he is Mormon. So 12 years without a visit from missionaries and we were able to make that visit on Saturday. I don´t think I have ever seen a family so happy to have a visit from missionareis. It really was a great experience. We were also with the Familiy Bogado who is a former bishop from Buenos Aires who has lived in Rincon for about 2 months now. Hno Bogado told us that we were the first missionaries to ever be in Rincon. That really was a cool thing to be a part of. Both Hno Bogado and Hno Ponce took us around the city and we were able to see everything. Its a cool place and reminded me a lot of Utah to be honest. We talked to them about puting together a branch of the mission out there and also puting 4 missionaries there. And like you guys found out we are getting 58 missionaries this transfer cycle so that will probably be really soon when we will see some missionaries in Rincon. It really was an experience that I was so greatfull to be a part of. The faith that these members showed has really been a testimony builder for me. Being a missionary really is awesome!

Well I´m really excited to see you all this coming week. I love you all!

Elder Kyle Hudgins

This is a statue of Christ that looks over Rincon.

Statue of Christ

Elder Wagstaff, Presidente Lovell and Elder Hudgins

A picture with the Flia Ponce and the Flia Bogado.

Flia Ponce and the Flia Bogado

Flia Ponce and the Flia Bogado with Elder Hudgins, Presidente Lovell and Elder Wagstaff.

Here is one with Elder Wagstaff on a lookout. Behind us is the povence of Mendoza.

Elder Hudgins and Elder Wagstaff

Elder Hudgins and Elder Wagstaff