Hello family!

From: Kyle Hudgins
Subject: Hello family!
Date: 28 Sep 2013 05:54:40 AM MDT

Hello everyone back at home! Thank you all for the wonderfull letters! Well this sure was a great week and a crazy one as well. Well I guess now you could say that that is pretty normal. But this week we finished all the interviews so now we can actually focus on the work in the area a little more. Its fun getting back to normal a little bit and teaching people. We had a lesson with the Rios family and they are doing great. They really are progressing well. Hermana Rios is really having a lot of trials but she is doing great and staying strong. They really are being blessed for all the things they are doing. Its really great to see that in them.

This week has been pretty fun because we received 3 new missionaries in the mission. All three of them were waiting visas and now they have finally come here. Its great too see new faces and also to see people that are really excited to be here in Argentina. We started doing transfers this week. It has been a little tough. It is the biggest transfer that this mission has ever seen. With all the new missionaries coming and also with the visa waiters coming there are 41 new missionaries in the mission! That is crazy! There are only 5 missionaries that are going home this transfer so we almost don´t know what to do with so many. We are already opeing 12 new areas and all that so we most likely will have to start doing some trios. Today we are also going to Rincón de los Sauces with president which is a place that missionaries have never been. President has been in contact with a former bishop from Buenos Aires that recently moved there for work. He has been in contact with a couple other members there in Rincon. Also this last week a man stopped us on the street. His name is Juan. He said that he has been member for his whole life but about its been about 10 years since he has been to church. He was living in Rincon but now he is here in Neuquen. But he has 3 kids and his brother, who is a member, who all live in Rincon. Juan came to church this last week and we had a visit with him in his home this week and he really liked it and is really excited to return to the church. He is going to be in Rincon today and we will meet up with him to meet his family. So it should be a pretty fun day. With all these new missionaries we are in a position to put missionaires there in Rincon so hopefully we can get something started up there soon. It really is an awesome experience seeing the expantion of the church like that. Its an honor to be part of it. It really is the fulfilling of many prophesies these days!

Well we are leaving this morning at 9 so I don´t have too much more time but I love you all!

Elder Kyle Hudgins


From: Kyle Hudgins
Subject: BAPTISM!
Date: 21 Sep 2013 15:00:30 PM MDT

Good afternoon family! Well I guess everyone is getting ready for the BYU Utah game right now. I hope it is going well for the Utes. Well its good to hear from all of you this week. It really has been a crazy week with lots of traveling but it sure has been a lot of fun. We started our trip on Satruday night and didn’t get home till late thursday night. It was fun. We has a lot of fun in Barioloche where the president took us to see the Llao Llao hotel which is super nice. It was also fun just too see all the scenery of Bariloche. It really convinced me that Bariloche is a can’t miss place to visit if we come back to argentina. Also when we made the trip from Bariloche to San Martin de los Andes we took the 7 lakes route which is just amazing. We passed through Villa la Angostura which we are hoping to open this coming transfer and boy that is seriously the prettiest place ever. I would love to be the missionary that opens that little town. But the trip was going great until the last day when we were traveling home from Zapala. I´ll tell you the story. So here in Argentina at all the gas stations there are people that fill up your gas. So one of the guys I guess messed up and put gas in the hilux and not diesel. So we got about 30 Km outside of Zapala and the car broke down. So we had to wait 3 hours until elder Ehmke could come out and meet us. We got a tow truck and it hauled the hilux to Neuquen but we didn´t get home tilll 12:30 that night and then we had to wake up bright and early to go to Roca yesterday so it has been a tiring week and this morning my body just kind of gave up and i was just really suffed up with a huge head ache and with a cough. So today Elder Wagstaff had to do all the training by himself because Hermana Ehmke said that I needed to stay home to get some rest. Hopefully tomorrow I will be a little better and also for Monday and Tuesday for our last two training meetings.

So on Satruday the Baptism was great. There was a lot of support from the ward. The youth and the primary prepared a musical number so that was great and there was a good showing from the ward. The Ehmke’s have also helped a ton with the familia Rios, having family home eveing with them and checking up on them while we have been gone. It sure was great to see the kids get baptized and also Hermana Rios was also very happy. Its amazing how much she has changed over the course of the last few months. It is something that I am really great for for to be a part of.

Well I hope you all have a wonderfull week. I love you all!

Elder Kyle Hudgins

Baptism of Lourdes and Francisco

Baptism of Lourdes and Francisco

Here is a picture of Elder Wagstaff and I on the balcony of President´s hotel in Bariloche.

Elder Hudgins and Wagstaff

Elder Hudgins and Wagstaff

After the interview in Zapala we had luch with Guille and Laura. It was great to see them again.

At the home of Guille and Laura

Back: Elder Hudgins, Elder Wagstaff, Guille Venegas, Presidente Lovell, Elder Peterson.
Front: Daughter, Laura Nahuel, Hermana Lovell, Elder Suarez.

Here are two really great friends Elder Sasine and Elder Vizcarra. They are the zone leaders in Bariloche. Elder Wagstaff and I were there zone leaders in Zapala.

Good Friends

Elder Sasine, Elder Hudgins, Elder Vizcarra, Elder Wagstaff.

Hello Family!

From: Kyle Hudgins
Subject: Hello Family!
Date: 14 Sep 2013 07:21:35 AM MDT

Hello everyone! Thank you all for the great letters this week! It was great to hear from all of you. So this week has been a pretty fun one. A little more tranquilo than usual because president wasn´t here during the week. So it was nice to focus a little more on the area and especailly the baptism we have today! Lourdes and Francisco will be baptized today at 7. Elder Wagstaff is baptising Francisco and I will baptize Lourdes. It was be a pretty great service and we are super excited for that. Its been amazing to see how much the lord has prepared this family. The hermana before was not very interested in the church and always thought that the church just brought more problems in her life. But she has totally changed and you can see the difference in her. She starts baring her testimony when we go there and it really just an awesome experience. We are really excited for the baptism tonight.

So while we were really focusing on that we also had a lot of little busy things that we had to do. We received another missionary this week that we had to go and pick up and also we had to go and make a trip out to Allen to bring some crutches to and elder over there. Its just some little things that we always have to do as AP that just seem to get in the way of a lot of things. But its all really fun.

So this week we will be going on the gira as they call it here on the mission were we go and visit all the zone. The president is going to be doing the interviews and we will be doing some capacitations during that. We will be talking about all the new key indicators and how to help plan to have the help of the members. We are calling them war plans and we are using a lot of the scirptures fromt he war chapters about how they planned their attacks and came out victorious. It will be really fun and also a last time to see all the missionaries in the mission. So we are pretty excited about that. We are leaving tonight on a bus going to esquel but we will be stopping in Bariloche to go to chuch tomorrow so that will be fun.

So everything here is going great. Tell Jordyn and the rest of the family that I say hi and I will be sure to include them in my prayers. I´m really having a great time and just enjoying the time. I love you all! Thank you for everything!

Elder Kyle Hudgins

Hey fam!

From: Kyle Hudgins
Subject: Hey fam!
Date: 7 Sep 2013 08:04:09 AM MDT

Hello family! Well we just finished a week with a whole bunch of new changes for the mission. there sure is a lot of excitement going on around the whole mission as well. While we were talking with president this week he was really concerned with the member involvment so what we decded to do was to take out all other lessons and contacts. All now for a lesson to count we have to have a member present. Its going to be great because it will help the missionaries focus more on getting the help of the members. It will be fun to see all the results.

This week we continue to see progress with the family rios. They are set to go to church on sunday and be baptized in the next week. Last night we also invited Monica the relief society president to go invite her to church but she told us that she already did so that was awesome. Its great to see the members already doing these things. So things are looking great for the baptism. So right after the baptism we will be leaving to go do the trainings for the interviews with president. So that will be fun and keep me a busy week.

So I´m sorry to hear about Jordyn and her eye. Hopefully all turns out well. At least she still has her sense of humor from that video. That gave me a good laugh.

I hope all is going well at home. i love you all and hope you have a wonderfull week!

Elder Kyle Hudgins