Kyle at the Salt Lake Airport

Kyle was able to call us from the Salt Lake Airport as he was preparing to leave for Argentina.  Yesterday at Church, one of our ward members, Ryan Hardenbrook asked us which flight Kyle was taking.  We told him and he said he would try to see Kyle at the gate as he works for the airlines.  Sure enough, he was able to drop by the gate to wish Kyle a wonderful and successful mission.  We have proof as well.  Thanks Ryan for sending him off properly.


We got to talk to him for a bit.  He sounded wonderful.  We were disconnected a total of six times.  It looks like the problem was on the airport side of things.  The biggest problem was that every call Kyle made cost $15.  7 x 15 = $105.  Well, though I think the whole airport phone thing is a scam, it was worth it.  Before the conversation was over I had Kyle share his testimony in Spanish.  For those who know Spanish and those who don’t, you can hear that testimony below.

Kyle’s testimony in Spanish

Kyle is doing fine and looking forward to arriving in Neuquén tomorrow.  He is going to be a great missionary.  I expect we will be posting a picture of Kyle with his mission president in Argentina within the next day or so. (jh)

Time flies when you are having fun!

From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Subject: Time flies when you are having fun!
Date: November 24, 2011 12:23:43 PM MST

Well, its a pretty cool feeling that this will be my last email here at the MTC. I still can’t really imagine myself in Argentina but that only a couple days away. Yeah Im not to excited for that that 12 hour flight from Atlanta and then Im sure another long plane ride or (hopefully not) bus ride to Neuquen. Yeah The flight plans that we got didn’t say how we get from Buenos Aires to Neuquen. I guess maybe someone from the mission office will be there to pick us up or something I don’t know. But its going to be an awesome experience, Im way excited.

So this week we have been a little spoiled here at the MTC. On the tuesday night devotional we had D. Todd Chritofferson speak to us. He gave an awesome talk about what things he would have done differently on his mission (he actually served in Argentina as well). One thing he said was make sure to focus on your results. See what your efforts are doing and if they aren’t producing then you have to change. Another one is earn the trust of the memebers. I can only assume this is really important. In one of our investigators she didin’t really have a desire to be baptized but once she went to churuch, she felt it was the thing to do. She mentioned that is was like a family there and they made her feel welcome. If she had a bad experience, it probably wouldn’t have gone well. So everybody back home in the ward, it is very important that you fellowship anyone you don’t know becuase that one visit to church could bring them to baptism or the loss of interest. Another thing that he said that i really loved was to yeild your whole heart to the lord. This is something that has been on my mind a lot these last couple of weeks. It is deffinitely not an easy thing to do. But one of the most important things as a missionary is for everyone that you come in contact with to feel the love of the savior. The only way we can do that is if we are like the savior and make our will the will of the Father.

So today, I just barley got out of another fireside where Russell M. Nelson spoke. Its pretty cool to get two apostles in my last week here. The first thing he told us to do was for me to tell all of you at home that he is thankfull for you. He talked a lot about thanksgiving and giving thanks. It was pretty good. He told a story about how the church started in Russia. He was so confused about what to do and everything he had tried to do didin’t work. So thats when the lord stepped in and people where memeber started moving into the country and eventually they were able to register the church in Russia. He then told about when he gave his prayer of thanks to the lord.

I’m so glad to here that everything is going well at home. I love hearing about it. Keep sending dear elders these last few days. I want one on Friday and Saturday. They are my last two days of mail. Make them count. And seriously Tyler send me one, come on now, i know you can find time.

So yeah this week has been pretty awesome. But im so excited to go to Argentina! And im pretty sure I will not be able to get my luggage to be under 50 pounds, I don’t know what to do with all this stuff you have sent, I don’t even know if ill have room. I’ll try my best but be expecting a pretty big spending spree at the airport.

I hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving today. We have a service project and a little treat in the evening. Mike said they got to watch football so thats what I’m really hoping for! Have a great week. Till next time from Argentina!

Les amo,
Elder Kyle Hudgins

Kyle and Nana meet at the MTC

Today (November 23, 2011), I got to spend a few precious minutes with my very wonderful, very tall grandson, Kyle Hudgins.  He has been in the Missionary Training Center for almost two months, learning Spanish and preparing to serve the people of Neuquen, Argentina for two years.

I am currently going to the MTC three times a week to be tutored by Brother Blake Mason, a returned missionary who served in France and Switzerland.  This is preparation for the two year mission to DR Congo which my husband, George, and I will serve beginning in February.  Last week, I had emailed Kyle that I would come early for my lesson and try to be “in the vicinity” of the building where he has a 12:15 pm class.  (Missionaries say goodbye to their family when they arrive at the MTC and do not receive visitors after that, but since I have a valid reason to be at the MTC, I hoped that we might increase the chances of a “chance meeting”.)    Unfortunately, I got sick last Friday and had to cancel my class.

Two days ago, I tried again.  Monday was a cold, wet and windy day.  I arrived early and stayed outside waiting until 12:25 pm, only to finally give up and walk sadly to my class, cold and disappointed.

Today, I arrived early once more.  When my watch told me that it was a moment or two past 12:15 pm and the traffic of elders and sister missionaries seemed to have stopped entering the building, I was sure I’d missed him yet again.  It was a very sad feeling to know that Friday would be my last chance to see him before he left the MTC to fly to Argentina on Monday (Nov. 28) and to realize that any number of circumstances could thwart even that last opportunity.

Just as I was considering giving up, I heard a shout and looked up to see someone running toward me.  It was Kyle.  He had a grin from ear to ear and his face radiated with sheer delight.  He was calling out to his companion, “There’s my Nana!”  I got up quickly from the bench to go to him and he gave me the biggest hug ever!   Neither one of us was holding back & neither of us was anxious to stop that hug.  We both expressed the love that we have for each other.  It was such an incredible blessing to see him and he expressed the same feeling.  I know that Kyle loves me, but I also know that for that short time we had together, I was representing, in his mind, ALL the people he loves… his father and mother and his brother, Tyler… as well as his other grandparents, among many others.  I told him that his mom and dad were going to be so excited to hear that we had the chance to meet.  Knowing how much his family loves him, he understood and agreed.

He looked more mature, a bit slimmer (quite fit, trim and healthy)… and very, very happy!!  He quickly introduced me to his companion, Elder Kimball, whom I asked to take our picture.  Since they were on the verge of being late for class, he couldn’t linger long, but he hugged me again and expressed how extremely happy he was to have seen me; how much it meant to him;  how happy he is that George & I will also soon be experiencing the blessings of a mission; how wonderful his own experiences in the MTC have been; and how anxious he is to begin actually serving as a missionary in Argentina.

We agreed that we can’t wait to exchange our very unique stories from Argentina and the DR Congo.  Then we again spoke of our love for each other and had one last, very heartfelt hug and said goodbye.  As we parted, I turned and said “Au revoir” and he laughed and answered, “Ciao”!

Kyle will be an outstanding missionary and will help many people learn about and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ.  That knowledge will give them an understanding of The Plan of Salvation which our Heavenly Father established to prepare His children for eternal life.  And the happiness that Kyle will see come into the lives of those people, as they commit to obey God’s commandments, will give him the deepest and most profound joy of his life. (jh)

Joan Girvin Smith (aka Nana) and Elder Hudgins

Answers to questions

Kyle sent a separate written letter to the family.  In it he answered some of the questions we had asked previously.  Here are some of the answers.

“You asked if I had developed strong relationships with teachers and other people in my district and that is yes.  I am great friends with everyone in my district.”

While playing basketball Kyle and Elder King had collided.  There was concern Elder King may have torn his MCL in his knee.  Nobody wants to be injured and possibly delay getting into the mission field.

“Elder King’s knee was fine, he had to wear a brace for a while and couldn’t play sports but now he can so it’s all good.”

Hermana Sandorf had injured her back.  Kyle and Elder Kimball were able to give her a blessing.  We had wondered how everything turned out.

“Hermana Sandorf is all healthy also.  The trainers said that it healed really fast, that’s the work of the priesthood right there.”

On being district leader.

“Being district leader is getting better.  I have to make sure we are all speaking as much spanish as possible.  We have this game where you have a rock and if the person with the rock hears someone speak english they pass it to them, so we are speaking a lot of spanish.  I have learned everything there is to know (grammar wise) in spanish so I could say anything I want if I know the vocab.”

Kyle then goes on to ask…

“As for my sleeping bag… I still have no idea how I am going to get it to Argentina.  Any ideas?”

Finally he says…

“P.S. Tell Debbie thanks for the cheese balls, everyone loves them.”

The picture shows what happens after nearly two months in the MTC.

Elder Hudgins, Elder Kimball and Elder Snelson.

Kyle’s travel itinerary

We were starting to wonder what Kyle’s travel itinerary would be for his trip to Argentina. Wendy especially needed to know in order to be able to take time off from work so she could be home when Kyle calls from the airport.  It turns out the Church does have that information available to parents and such.  In the missionary packet sent with the missionary call, contact information for Missionary Travel is provided. Below is Kyle’s itinerary.  This gets him to Buenos Aires. From that point, I’m not sure but no doubt, it will be taken care of.  He will be traveling with Elder Kimball, his MTC companion and Hermana Sandorf from his MTC district. (jh)


FAX : 801-240-5115


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Only one more p day left!

From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Subject: Only one more p day left!
Date: November 17, 2011 12:38:30 PM MST

Ha well thank you for telling my flight information. I actually haven’t recieved my flight plans yet. I think we either get them tonight or Friday. So thank you for relieving my curiosity!

Well this week was pretty cool. The coolest thing was our devotional this past Tuesday. Tad R. Callister from the presidency of the 70 came to speak to us. It was pretty much the coolest talk I have ever heard. He talked about the apostacy and how we have to make sure our investigators understand it so they can see that there was a need for a restoration. This was something that I think will be very good to know because of all the Catholics I will be teaching in Argentina. He then went on to point out 10 witnesses that there was an apostacy. I can’t quite remember all of them, I forgot my journal (yes mom I am writing in my journal every night). But I will name of some that i remember. 1. The true order of prayer was lost. He made the analogy how like in battles and stuff they try to take out the communications first and that is exactly what Satan did. 2. Ordinance where changed, altered or lost. He found the first time where a sprinkling baptism was taken place (Pres. Callister is seriously a genious) and it happened because there was a lame man who was unable to be submerged and they allowed it for him and then that eventually became the custom. 3. The bible ends. Its seems so obvious yet i never thought of it. God obviously stoped revealing his word to the poeple. 4. The sctiputes tell us. I think the scripture is Amos 8:11 but im not sure but it is pretty porfound, look it up. 5. The scriptures were taken from the hands of lay members. Ordinary people could not own a bible and they were usually not in english so they could not read it if they got their hands on one. 6. The priesthood was taken from the earth. Sense I have been in the MTC I can really see how important the priesthood. It is the authority to act in God’s name on earth. There are less than 14 million people out of 6 billion who have that. Thats pretty crazy. Well that is all i can remember fromt he top of my head but that talk was amazing. My testimony of the truthfulness of the church grew so much. When he started talking about Joseph Smith and the restoration i could really feel the spririt. I know that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that he restored the fullness of the gospel. I am so greatfull that I came on a mission. My testimony would not nearly be as strong as it is now and I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. If i hadn’t come here. Im so excited to go to Argentina and i can’t believe that its only a week and a half away. Time goes by so fast here but I am so ready to get to work and help people come unto Christ.

So for that box, just go ahead and send it and if I can’t fit in my suitcase ill just send it back. Or can i just open it haha. But do it quick I dont have much time and things are crazy this week with me leaving and with thanksgiving. The dry cleaners are closed for the second part of the week and the barbar shop will propbably be closed to so I don’t know whats going on. But at least you will get to hear from me on Thanksgiving. I hope its fun!

Well I love you all and I miss you, keep sending letters, its the last week i will be able to get them every day!

Les amo,
Elder Kyle Hudgins

Running our of interesting subjects…

From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Subject: Running our of interesting subjects…
Date: November 10, 2011 1:55:33 PM MST

Well this week, noting really special happened… It was probably the most boring week here. The fireside and devotionals were both kind of boring. Elder Gavarret from the 70 came on Tuesday night and I can’t remember the guys name from Sunday night. The one on sunday was just more of an informative fireside. He was like an attorney for the church and just had some interesting fact and stuff but nothing that has really stuck. Um one cool thing that happened this week was our brach president, President Stone brought the whole zone pizza. It was awesome he brought like 10 pizzas for everyone. It was sweet. I have a pretty cool branch presidency. President Stone if from North Carolina I think so he talks in his southern accent. There is also Brother Bulloch. He just got back from being a missino president in Mexico a couple months ago. He is probably the most intense guy I have ever heard. His lessons and talks are awesome. A couple weeks ago in sacrament he gave an awesome talk about la expiacion and it made me think about it in a way i have never thought about it before.

Its wierd we are now the oldest district in our zone now. I only have like 3 weeks left here. It has gone by soooo fast. Its been nice but I really cant wait till I get to Argentina.

Alright to answer your questions…

The hardest thing to do in the MTC was the first lesson. It was the first Friday there and they ask you to teach an investigator all in spanish. That was probably when i felt the most overwhelmed here. But it gets a lot easier. Because the thing that I enjoy the most now it teaching in spanish. Its pretty cool. I never really liked teaching but now its not so bad. Its fun to see how your investigators are doing any you feel great when they are progressing. I can pretty much say what I want to say in my lessons. Its crazy how fast you learn spanish here.

The MTC is nothing like what I expected it to be. I can’t remember exactly what I thought of it before I got here but i just remember thinking that it was totally different.

How are things going at home? Its the same thing you say to me, I want to know everything thats going on. I know its hard to find things to write about but that is exactly how I feel right now.

Im sorry this letter is kind of bland, hopefully next week will be a little more interesting.

I love you all so much and I miss you!

Les amo,
Elder Hudgins


From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Subject: Almost forgot
Date: November 10, 2011 2:00:08 PM MST

Please tell my friends and everyone to write me! The letters have slown a little bit and I would love to hear from them. Just tell everyone, I want at least one letter everyday this week!


A few days ago, I sent Kyle a bunch of questions about his time in the MTC.  The second half of his email contains the answers to those questions. (jh)

From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Subject: Howdy!
Date: November 3, 2011 12:48:13 PM MDT

So this week was a pretty good week! Probably the coolest thing that happened this week was that all 3 of our investigators accepted our baptism invitation. That coolest was with Carolina. She came to church and loved it. We asked her the questions like what do you think about el libro de Mormon and she said she believed it was the word of God and that she believed Joseph Smith was a true prophet. The spirit was sooooo strong it was amazing so I popped the question. Seguira el ejemplo de Jesucristo al ser bautizado por alguien que posea la autoridad del sacerdocio de Dios? And she said yes! It was amazing. Its cool that you can feel the spirit so strong in just a role play. Our teacher said that he hadn’t felt the spirit like that since his mission. It was awesome. It just makes me more excited to go to Argentina and teach it to my own investiagators. Our other investigator, Ezra came to church also but he had some doubts. He didn’t believe he had enough faith to actually be babtized. We were kind of struggling to answer his question but then Ether 12:6 came to my mind and I had him read it and he could not deny it. He said yes to baptism. And then our other investigator Valentino. We contacted him on Saturday of last week behind a liquor store where he was drunk. We shared with him that God loves him and through Jesucristo we can be forgiven of our sins. We gave him a book of mormon and told him to read 3 Nephi 11. When we visitied with him on Monday we talked about the Atonement in more detail and we asked him to be baptized and he accepted. It was all pretty awesome!

We I almost forgot to mention this but on Sunday I was assigned to be the district leader. Im not really sure what to thing about it. Leading is not really my strong suit. I feel very uncomfortable telling people to stay on task and all that stuff. But im sure that was the reason I was assigned. The lord puts us in positions so we can learn and I will definitly learn a lot from this.

So to answer some questions, No i do not use google translate in my letters, is the only website you can get on here at the MTC. We try to speak spainsh as much as we can. It is a new program called speak your language. The teachers only speak in spanish and we are supposed to say whatever you know in Spanish all the time. Im not the best at doing this. Its hard to get all the english our of your mind and replace it with spanish. But Elder Kimball and I decided that whenever we are planning a lesson we have to speak in spanish. so little by little it will come.

I forgot to mention this last week but we met with the Argentina visa agents and consul. I was fingerprinted and signed all the papers. I don’t know how long it will take for it to go through, i sure hope that i can get there on time.

No i did not read the Book of Mormon in spanish. I finished it in english. I am terrible at reading spanish it is really hard for me but im sure it will get a little easier as time goes on.

If i was placed in Argentina right now I could probaly make conversation and maybe teach a lesson but I know i would not be able to understand them very well at all. When the Argentina consul came she talked in spanish for us just to give us a little taste of what its like. I seriously couldn’t understand pretty much anything she said. Its very frightening but im sure ill get used to it when I get to Argentina.

No president Monson did not come to the MTC. We heard that he was at BYU and got a little excited that he was here. When we got in and realized it wasn’t him you could hear a little groaning going throughout the biuling. But Elder Zwick from the 70 talked and spoke about prayer and it was very good.

Some things i would do different before i got here would be memorized the purpose of a missionary on page one of PMG (Preach My Gospel) and when you are reading your scriptures doing whatever study  try to see how you can accomplish that purpose with whatever you are studying. Every thing we do here is connected our purpose its pretty crazy.

Im excited to hear about Jr. Its going to be awesome and i know he will be a good missionary. Tell everyone i say hi. Send more pics and thanks for the watch!

Les Amo!
Elder Hudgins