Good week

From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Subject: Good week
Date: 27 Nov 2012 07:28:37 AM MST

So hello everyone! Its nice to be writing you this Tuesday morning. Its not going to lie its really weird having PDay on Tuesday. Yesterday we had our zone confence so they pushed our pday to today. Thank you so much for all the photos from Thanksgiving. It looks like you all had a good time. And Tyler, please shave that nasty stuff you have on your face. So I just got done reading Spencer’s email and I must say I am utterly jealous that they had a huge party like that for thanksgiving. Here in Argentina we didn’t do anything. But it would be very difficult due to the very large distances in between cities. (The mission Argentina Neuquén is the largest mission in the world geographicaly, just a fun fact I learned the other week). But today our district is going to Puerto Madryn to have a little Thanksgiving celebration with the Madryn district so that should be fun.

But this week was full of tramites (i don´t know a good translation for that word). I was all around doing stuff to renew my visa so I was able to go back to Rawson. We did the tramites in the morning and then I was able to stay and eat lunch with the Familia Chemin. Oh man was it so good to see them again. It was the first time I saw all of them since I left. They are all doing wonderful. We were able to share stories about all the things that happened when I was in Rawson. It was really nice to catch up too. Their daughter Jazmin that was born the week I left is just the cutest little thing. But it was just awesome to hear that they keep progressing. Gustavo told me that he is preparing to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood this coming week. So that was just the coolest thing to hear. It really made me happy to see them preparing themselves to make saving covenants and progress in this gospel.

So we returned and to be honest we just had a really bad week. Once again all of our appointments fell through an nobody was home. I was really getting discouraged. It is really hard when you have these appointments and prepare to teach these lessons in the morning and you get there and they are not home. But the zone conference we had yesterday really helped boost my spirits. President talked about being pure and staying focused on our purpose so we always have the spirit. I made me realize a lot of the faults I had and made me want to change. The spirit was reeally strong throught the whole conference. It was amazing.

We went out back to work after the conference and I was just really feeling good. I was excited about visiting people and sharing the gospel. We were able to find two people last night! Which was more than we found in the last three weeks combined. It was so nice to share the gospel with someone new. Their names are Fabian and Daniela. They are a couple that live with together with their 3 year old son Franco. They are really awesome. Fabain has talked with missionaries a little bit before because he has 2 brothers that are members. We shared a message about the restoration and were able to help him solve a lot of his doubts. We invited him to pray at the end of the lesson and he asked in his prayer to know if these things are true. I know that if he will get an anwer to that prayer. Hopefully we can continue teaching them and help them build their faith.

Well thats about all I have for today. I love you all and hope you all have a wonderfull week!

Elder Kyle Hudgins

So I have a picture with the Familia Chemin with Hno. and Hna. Chemin with Gustavo, Fernanda, Tomas, and Jazmin. Also Elder Hernandez and Elder Blatter.

Chemin Family

The other picture is a picture from zone conference. Me, Elder Draut, Elder Hernandez, Elder Evans, Elder Blatter. We were all comps of Elder Hernandez.



From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Subject: Hello
Date: 19 Nov 2012 07:56:40 AM MST

Hey everyone back at home! I sounds like you all had a week really tranquilo but thank you all for the emails and stuff. The week over here was also pretty tranquilo unfortunately. We continue to work hard thought so hopefully we will see some success shortly.

So this week was pretty fun. I had the opportunity to go on divisions with Elder Stokes this week. It was fun to be back dong some work with an old comp. I went to his area and we went to visit an old member of their ward. He is about 90 years old and we started talking about how their church got robbed the other week. He then started going off about the kids these days and how they dont have any respect. It was really funny we were getting all in to it with him and we just had a good time with him.

This week we also had a really good lesson with Ernesto. We were talking with him about sacrificing and how Jesus now calls for a sacrifice of a broken heart and a contrite spirit. He understood everything and he said a really good prayer. He is doing well with all that but there is just something missing that we can´t quite figure out so he can start coming to church. I know he feels the spirit in all our lessons so hopefully that will start to work on him and he will have some desires to come to church.

So you were asking about Thanksgiving and everything. I´m pretty sure that we wont do anything special. It will probably just be a regular day of work. But really it makes me think of how greatfull I am to be on a mission. Its amazing all the things that I have learned over this past year. I´m so greatfull to be part of this true church as well and to be able to recieve all the blessings that our Heavenly Father has for us. I love you all so much and I hope you all have a wonderfull Thanksgiving. Tell everyone hello for me.

Elder Kyle Hudgins


From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Subject: Hello!
Date: 12 Nov 2012 07:25:12 AM MST

Hello family! Wow you sure did get a lot of snow. Deffinitely the opposite of whats going on here. It is starting to get pretty warm but at least I´m getting nice and tan. But it should be getting around 35 degrees celcius this week which is really hot so thats something to look forward too haha. Well this week was started off really good but also had its difficutlties. But lets just focus on the good stuff.

So we went to see our investigator Ernesto a couple times this week. Boy is he a hard one but he always asks good questions. This week we went with Bishop Diaz to the appoinment. Man was he awesome for us in the lesson. Ernesto was saying that he always see people join churches and say that it changed them and all the stuff but then they fall away. We told him that the Church of Jusus Chirst helf us live the gospel which helps us continue in the church. We were talking about the gospel and Jesus Christ and how Obispo had taught it in his family and how it help them seguir adelante. He shared a way sick testimony and the spirit was really strong. I know Ernesto felt it. But unfortunately he still didn´t come to church. He still says that he needs to get some answers to some prayers before he goes. So that is something we will focus on this week.

This week we also tought Federico again. It had been a couple weeks that we had been able to teach him. We talked to him about the atonement of Jesus Christ and how it can apply to him and how through baptism he can receive those bessings that come from it. It went really well. He says that he knows the baptism is important and we were able to put a baptismal date with him. Hopefully we will be able to keep helping him feel the spirit so he has the ganas to progess.

Well I´m really praying hard that this week we will be able to find more people to teach. I don´t think I have every worked so hard just to find one investigator. Hopefully we can get into some people´s houses so we don´t have to walk around in the heat this week. I love you all and hope you all have a wonderfull week. Enjoy all the snow!

Elder Kyle Hudgins

Hello family!

From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Subject: Hello family!
Date: 5 Nov 2012 08:31:38 AM MST

Hey family! Things are going well here in Argentina. It is really starting to heat up, it´s nice to here that you guys are getting some snow up there haha.

This week was a pretty good one. We had stake conference and we also had transfers. There weren´t many changes here in our district. Unfortunately the only one who is leaving is our zone leader Elder Heaps who is going to be the next assistant. So that was pretty sad. It was probably the best district I have ever been in. But it should be good because Elder Nance who was with me in Rawson is coming to be the new zone leader so I´m sure we will still have a great time.

So this week we were able to finally find Sebastian again. He moved and we weren´t able to find him for a while. But we finally got in contact with him and found his house. It was not easy to find his house either. Everywhere in Argentina there are like 5 houses behind the house that closest to the street so that makes it difficult. But we were able to teach him and his girlfriend and it was a really good lesson. His girlfriend doesn´t have very much religious background but she really liked the lesson. We weren´t able to have much time but we were able to bring the spirit while teaching the message of the restoration. It was awesome. So hopefully we can start teaching them more consitantly and get them going to church so they can progres toward baptism.

This week we were also able to talk to Federico. He is doing well and gave the final prayer in our lesson. He still hasn´t really thought about his own baptism but he recognizes the importance of baptism so thats good. He is still having a hard time coming to church because of futbol but hopefully he will be able to continue to feel the spirit and have desires to come.

So this week we had stake conference. It was really good but they talked a lot about eternal families and stuff which is not the best topic for a missionary to here but it was really good. I also saw Hna Ganga who was visting her daughter in Gaiman so that was awesome to see people from Trevelin. A sad thing is that they took out the missionaries in Trevelin. Its sad to hear but I think it will be for the best. I really loved those members there.

Well I hope you all have a wonderfull week full of great things to share with me next week! Love you all so much!

Elder Kyle Hudgins

From: Kyle Hudgins <>
Subject: Hello family!
Date: 5 Nov 2012 07:51:34 AM MST

This is a picture of our last district, and also a picture of our zone a couple p days ago, we went to Madryn and ate some choripanes.

Top row: Elder Lee, Elder Hudgins, Elder Stokes

Bottom row: Elder Heaps, Elder Ruano, Elder Wagstaff

Top row: Elder Higgs, Elder Pace, Elder Hudgins, Elder Stokes, Elder Wagstaff, Elder Lee, Elder Lang.

Bottom row: Elder Heaps, Elder Ruano, Hna Gomar, Hna Ojeda, Elder Sangroni.